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#695 Chuck’s Place: WHY BP?

Mother Earth, that mighty sentient being, has resorted to that ancient healing practice of leeching, or blood letting, to cure her wounds. Her BP, her blood pressure, has risen and blown a gasket, as her blood spews forth, poisoning the seas. With all our advanced technological know-how, we cannot cauterize or clot this flow. Bleeding, as all women experience, is nature’s way of cleansing.

The Earth poisons now our food supply. Why? And why won’t she stop? Why is she destroying herself? Frankly, I see no other way for Mother Earth to save herself, other than to create unprecedented destruction.

Mankind has been unable to evolve beyond greed, the true culprit of the wounding of the Earth. Mankind’s most prized possession, his reason, is but a puppet in the hands of his greed. Even in the midst of this unprecedented environmental disaster a judge has lifted the ban on offshore drilling. Our Mother realizes that the destruction must be vast and must impact us at a level we cannot ignore, at a level that forces us to change, to cap our greed, in order to survive.

Mother is providing us with a cure now, a flow, to move us forward. Mother is correcting the imbalance in mankind. This is no longer a problem solvable by reason; reason is no match for greed. Mother is forcing our instinct of self-preservation to confront our out-of-control hunger instinct, which has been allowed to consume and destroy, in the form of hoarding, accumulating, and exploiting the Earth. As this quote from a Wintu woman, in T. C. McLuhan’s Touch the Earth suggests, modern man has lost his connection to balance as reflected in his practices toward the Earth:

When we Indians dig roots, we make little holes. When we build houses, we make little holes. When we burn grass for grasshoppers, we don’t ruin things. We shake down acorns and pinenuts. We don’t chop down the trees. We only use dead wood. But the White people plow up the ground, pull down the trees, kill everything. The tree says, ‘Don’t. I am sore. Don’t hurt me.’ But they chop it down and cut it up… They blast rocks and scatter them on the ground… How can the spirit of the earth like the White man? Everywhere the White man has touched it, it is sore.”

This is now a battle of instincts, instigated by the Great Mother Earth. Man, with his reason, is being put in his proper place, as Mother instinct takes over, with her menstrual flow, to clean things up and reassert natural balance. It’s not in our hands anymore. Mother Earth has taken over her own body. All we can do now is acquiesce to the facts of the destruction and what we need to do to survive. If we choose to continue to manipulate and spin reality, allowing reason to continue to feed our greed, Mother Earth will continue to spew toxins, her own chemotherapy, to bring us to truth. It’s an illusion for us to really believe that we are in control now.

That’s why BP. Mother has sent us a sign, using an acronym we can recognize: BP. Her blood pressure will no longer tolerate our greed. It’s pointless to blame BP; Mother has chosen BP for her own cleansing purposes, offering our consciousness the acronym BP to contemplate. Despite the destruction, Mother does have a sense of humor!

If you wish to correspond, please feel free to post a comment below.

Until we meet again,

#694 Don’t Hold Back

Jan Ketchel channeling Jeanne Marie Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Today’s weekly message falls on what was once a special day for you, your birthday. I extend birthday wishes, though I know you are far from this world in that sense.

Several people have forwarded us channeled messages regarding what is happening in the Gulf of Mexico, to our earth, to the animals, to ourselves, to life itself. All of them contain the same messages that you have been sending out for all the years that I have channeled you, the messages that we humans have come far from our true energetic roots and lost our connection to nature, earth, and spirit. At the same time that such messages are traveling around the globe, and the messages for all of us to awaken are stressed, I detect a new sensitivity and desire for truth, realness, and for connection to what really matters. I, personally, have always felt that most people, behind their fears and facades, are spiritually hungry and driven, but it has not been conventionally acceptable to be so. As the world became more technologically advanced and plastic we have further neglected our inner worlds.

I also feel that there is a big shift taking place, and whether it is intentionally set by our deeper yearning for connection to nature and spirit or not, it is happening anyway. This is the message that is being spread: change is being forced upon you, so are you going to take up the challenge and change as well?

We have conversed on this topic many times. Chuck has also written extensively about it in his blog. Is there anything new you would like to say on the subject? Or is there some other special message you would like to express on this once special day? Happy Birthday, Jeanne!

The messages of change and alarm must continue to spread, for although you may intuit a slow demise of earth’s resources over the past century, so must you now all take note: this disaster is of far greater consequence than you can imagine. Your time upon that earth must now become an era of full consciousness, your masses awoken with bitter truths, as the blood of Mother Earth does spill upon the shores. But of far more consequence is the impact upon the balance of nature that has thus far been heavily compromised and contaminated, left far too long. Balance no longer knows its own definition for it has long tilted into decay. The resulting heaviness of such poor attention to the balance of nature shows how powerfully mankind effects his environment.

This is an environmental disaster that has long been pending so do not make it into what it is not. Nor is this a spiritual disaster alone, but a far-reaching reality of your world. Your world is utterly compromised in that region, in the Gulf of Mexico, where there is, as of yet, no true knowledge to either describe it or to halt it. The fact is that greed is destroying the very earth. Earth, in its far superior mode of reaction to cause and effect, will not cease to spill its contents upon the waters and the land.

The biggest truth is that shift has already happened. Do you not see that it is no longer pending? Do you not see that the time of waiting for something to happen has passed? The thing that once seemed so far off and remote has already taken place. You are all living in a new world now. That is what you must wake up to. The world is different now.

Did you miss the moment of shift? On this day that I once celebrated as my own moment of shift, I suggest that you, each one of you, look at where shift has occurred in your own life; for something has changed now, and you are forced into acting and reacting differently in all aspects of life as a result. Notice that you have been pushed to change for a long time now. Accept that this is true for you, but also accept that this is true for all human beings.

Begin now to speak of this shift, of this push to change and awaken to the inner self. Your comments will be fully reciprocated, for there is a new language of intent spreading like wildfire upon that earth. It is the fire of new energy boiling up out of the Gulf of Mexico, burning back the times of greed and exploitation to reveal the utter truth of what life upon that earth is really all about: growth, transformation, evolution, respect for all living beings, love and compassion, and, above all, a time of shift to a level of higher awareness and to knowledge of that which lies beyond.

Take into consideration the gifts you are now being offered to truly shift your own awareness, to see what you could not clearly see before, to seriously consider that your time there is more meaningful than you have allowed yourself to believe, and that now you are being forcefully urged to embrace it to the fullest.

Do not hold back. I urge all of you to fully express your spiritual energetic selves. The earth itself is showing you how, without attachment to the resisters or the pretenders or the fearful ones. Go for it. Be one with the energy of your new times. Energy is abundant, but it must now come from within. The answers lie within.

#684 The Simple Road to Growth

Jan Ketchel channeling Jeanne Marie Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a lesson for us this week, some guidance that might be especially appropriate for where we are right now in these changing times? I communicate with you through my heart center.

Look into the self now, into the pool of stillness, into the utter calm of knowing clarity inside you, and listen to my words of warning and of knowing, for you are all sentient beings, full of awareness, though you may not want to realize this. Your progress upon that earth, both personal and collective, is garnered upon knowing the inner self more intimately than you know any other. Your progress, as human beings in a world that does not wish to sustain its own destruction, hinges upon your ability to go deeper inside the self and find connection to all of nature, the natural world, the planetary systems, the energy of the universe that you are part of.

The world around you, and your own world, may at this time appear to be in quite dire straits, but I beg of you, as energy beings, to utilize this time for inner work. This is the energy that is needed for shift on a universal scale and it is coming to greet you in profound ways, asking you to use it to grow, to change, and to pursue new options based on old ideas of humanness. The ancients lived with the earth, with and in alignment with nature, with the natural flow of life as it proceeded around them, learning from its cyclical unfolding process what they themselves required. They lived in synch with the flow of all energetic life. Modern man has departed from his natural roots, from his nurturance based on the earth, and plasticized his life. Life is now based on finding the next step away from what the earth itself speaks so loudly as the true steps to take for recovery and renewal.

Although there is great greed upon that earth, the greedy ones do not own the power of nature. This is what must be accessed by the multitudes, who do know that energy unseen is more powerful than the gold spilling out of the coffers labeling one man rich and another poor. There is no poverty if inner energy is fully discovered and utilized, if nature is accessed and given its power again.

If each one of you turns inward and walks the earth with slow and measured steps, taking in the energy of the earth through the soles of the feet, the deeper secrets of the earth will be revealed to you. Meditate not upon the desires of the ego self, but upon the desires of the hungry inner self, thirsting and striving for sustenance that cannot be bought, but can only be nurtured from within. What is that desire inside you, My Dear Reader? What inner desire is your greatest? And why are you not pursuing it? Why are you not following your spirit and the energy of your inner being? Why do you insist on playing old games when you so clearly know they do not sustain you?

Even though you cannot see the new path before you clearly yet, you know it is there. I ask you all, My Dear Ones, to consider the darkness of the unknown as the light unrevealed. It is not dangerous or frightening, but only the place of the inner self, known and familiar, though it has been a long time since you visited.

In the next few weeks, I would advise turning more intently toward nature. Watch how the earth itself instructs, how it shows you at every moment of every day the proper path to take. There is great satisfaction in taking the simple road to growth. You need few things for such a journey: your physical self, your spirit self, and your intent. That is all. Align those three aspects of life and you will learn what it means to flow with the energy of the earth and of all things, interconnected and whole.

Do not look so hard for answers. The answers will come when the time is right. Ask for help. Be open to what comes to guide you and dare the self to act upon the guidance offered.

Wake up to the fact that the energy of life is all the riches you will ever need. The energy of life is what you seek, in its pure state. And that, My Dears, is readily available, inside each one of you in infinite amounts. In sustainable terms this means that you are energy itself. Tap into that and you will know what I am talking about when I say that you are life itself, in all forms, capable of everything.

Seek connection with the truth of what the earth offers and allow your energy to align with that. Find the peace you seek in nature, but find it also inside you, already waiting for you to open the inner door so that the proper connection may be made to awareness and knowing, to truth and growth, to change in the natural flow of life. This is your true challenge. By your intent, in alignment with self, may you accept this challenge and see where it takes you. Your true journey awaits.

As you grow, at each step toward wholeness, there awaits a new journey. Each day that you accept the challenge to change who you are in that world, you accept the challenge to keep going, to keep changing. This is what infinity is, the unending ability to change, to evolve, to keep going, to keep accepting your fate as it unfolds before you, to keep moving forward, guided by your true inner spirit, always in alignment with what is right! And what is right at this moment?

#664 A Biosphere of Self

Jan Ketchel channeling Jeanne Marie Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Today we start our new channeling schedule, as I wrote about last week in A New Intent. Spring is soon upon us in the Northeast, a time for all of us to embrace new beginnings, changes, and practices. With today’s channeling, I ask that you address your readers with a message for the week ahead. What is the most important and meaningful guidance you can offer us at this time?

I suggest again, as I have in the past, that you look upon nature and take your guidance from the reality before your eyes as much as you take guidance from my words, for nature itself is doing what I suggest all of you do each day. And that is: to awaken with conscious awareness that you too are driven by energy, the same energy that drives nature and the animals, that conducts nature’s research and experimentation, each day, as the sun rises, as the darkness recedes, and life awakens to proceed on its merry way, unfolding in a process of growth and evolution.

Each one of you, in order to become part of the greater evolving energy must find your connection to it in some fashion that resonates. Find connection not only to your own inner spirit self as a most vital step in growth, but do not forget to live fully in that world as one of the creatures of nature, guided by the energy of that which lives connected, driven, and enhanced by the pure energy of life in motion. Today, as you begin a new week in your lives, stay connected to the fact that you are energy in motion too, that you are nature itself, that the world belongs to you, you to it, and that, in symbiosis, all is possible.

You live in an environment that is perfectly set up for your habitation. Everything you could possibly need exists in nature. You are provided with the air you need for breath of life, the water you need to survive, the sun and the moon to regulate your sleeping and waking states. You are provided with food; the raw ingredients for sustenance and healing are available in that which is provided by nature. You live in the perfect biosphere, the perfect balanced environment. Accept that fact. Treat the earth with respect and it too will return the favor. Find out who you are supposed to be as a natural member of that biosphere. What is your true role? What are you supposed to be contributing to its health and nurturance?

Even as you seek without what you are supposed to find for your own health and nurturance, look to the earth around you for the answers to your inner issues too. In pollution, exploitation, defilement and waste of the earth will you discover your personal issues replicated before your eyes. For all who look upon the earth and see destruction and decay, overuse and greed, and the destruction of the fine balance that is so necessary for healthy and sustained living, and wish for healing, must turn inward to the natural inner environment and seek equal purity, respect, and balance there too.

With each new spring upon that earth nature stirs in each of you. You cannot deny it. And what is it that stirs, but your ancient selves, your ancient wisdom and knowledge, and the deepest truths of the human race that are revealing that, as big and powerful as you have gotten, as large and synthetic, as wasteful and greedy, so are you nothing more than that which you feel stirring in you on a beautiful spring day after a long, cold, dark winter. And what is stirring? It is energy itself; it is life; it is nature at its rawest, the essence of life.

Return now to thinking about the self as energy.
In energetic form you are compatible with man,
with nature, with the heavens and the earth,
with the pull of the planets and the flowing of the rivers.
In energetic form you are whole, you are complete.

The challenge comes in holding onto this basic truth that you are,
first and foremost,
one with nature.
Within this truth hides many other truths.
Within this truth lies darkness and light,
the known and the unknown,
good and evil,
the highest of ideals and the lowest of instincts,
the loftiest thoughts and the thinnest of veneers of self.

For you are all that you see,
all that you perceive,
all that you love,
all that you despise,
all that you fear,
and all that you cannot yet see.
You are behind the veils and you provide the veils.
You are goodness itself,
yet are you the darkness that lurks in the shadows of life.

You are not only a natural biosphere,
but you are also an energetic biosphere,
a spiritual biosphere,
a mental biosphere,
a physical biosphere.
You are wholeness,

This is your life challenge, you know, My Dear Readers; to find this out, to discover what it means to be complete, to discover the truths of the self, on all levels. Who are you now, this moment, as you read these words? Who will you be five minutes from now? Who will you be five hours and five days from now? You may notice that you have the ability to shift and change from moment to moment, depending on the situation you are in, that you are multi-personalities, that you act and react and determine your journey based on so many factors, all existing within as well as without. You have choice, opportunity, the option to change, at your fingertips, each day. These are the things that must be utilized. They must become your tools of nature, your tools for use in your biosphere of self.

I do stress, quite often, that it is important to remember that you are energy, that you are responsible for every action and decision in your life, that you are whole, that you are in charge of your life. Now, as change comes to you in many forms, I ask that you reconsider all of these thoughts and reapply them to your life, to your journey through that life, to both your spiritual journey and to your journey upon that earth. Look to nature for guidance. Study it in its raw state, driven by the energy to live, to evolve, to change. This is the message I leave you with today: Seek to find your true place as one, as nature.