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#676 Earthquakes Within

Jan Ketchel channeling Jeanne Marie Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
As I communicate with you today I am reminded that we have done this channeling more than six hundred times for our readers. Our personal communications extend far beyond even those messages, into the thousands since we began this process almost nine years ago. When I fathom that, I am absolutely amazed. I know there are many skeptics in the world, people who have no connection to spirit, within or without, or even to themselves as energy. I have never not had that kind of connection, but it has, until ten years ago, been very private, underdeveloped, often pushed aside and doubted, often felt as troubling, frightening or too vague to understand clearly. Now, through my work with you and Chuck, and on myself, I have elected to pay attention, to accept the challenges that arise, to better understand the meaningfulness of everything that has occurred and continues to occur in my life as part of my personal evolutionary process. As a result I have been able to slowly change, to accept that I am a different person and to push to become that new person in the world. This is what I wish for everyone, but I know that is naive, that it is very difficult for people to embrace the hidden sides of themselves, good and bad, so that they can change. It is a long and arduous process, but it does allow for true change to happen. We see now, and Chuck points this out in his blog essay too, that even the Catholic Church, that stalwart and self-righteous structure, is being asked to do a public recapitulation, to confront the past, to be truthful, honest, and forthright before the world, to confront its darkness and evolve spiritually. This is what we are all challenged to do in our lives. I know what it means because I did it. I did a recapitulation, and it isn’t easy. Even having done the major part of it I continue to do it every day, as I find myself in many worlds, seeking balance, struggling to maintain my inner identity and to evolve to my fullest potential while continually going beyond my inhibitions and fears.

What can you offer us today to aid us all in our attempts to not only stay connected to spirit, but to more fully embrace the true aspects of who we are as human beings, fallible and hidden though we may be, while at the same time we know, by our own experiences, that confronting the truth really does set us free? How do we more fully embrace our human condition, loving ourselves for our journeys, while at the same time lovingly pushing our fearful selves to keep evolving? What guidance do you offer us today?

You ask, My Dear, for guidance in the process of achieving wholeness. As you know, I always contend that life itself will lead you there, but an inner awakening must occur and be reckoned with in order for the two selves to meet and assign themselves to a mutual journey. Without recognition and partnership, the journey ahead will be fragmented and unclear, as you state in your query was your own experience for many years.

Many people upon that earth elect to deny the true workings of the inner spirit, the holiness within, because it frightens them. In its awakening process the inner spirit shakes awake not only its own long buried persona, but in its rumblings it shatters that which has stood solidly present and in control for so many years. An inner awakening rattles the outer world in much the same way that an earthquake rattles awake the world far above its center of heat. Angry splitting apart may be the result of an earthquake on the outside, but on the inside it is merely a shifting of conditions no longer tenable in their current state. When tensions arise there is no recourse except to alleviate them in some fashion.

I suggest to Our Dear Readers that inner tension always be paid attention to. It is not meant to drive you crazy or force you into misery, sickness, depression, anxiety, or fear, but simply to ask you to notice that something deep inside you is asking for the shift that it needs in order for the process of life to evolve. The world around you constantly changes and evolves and you, My Dear Human Souls, are also being presented with the same process. You are being asked to recognize the earthquakes and storms within for the spiritual awakenings that they are.

As you know, I stress the shamanic term recapitulation as the process that must be undertaken in order to properly deal with the inner heat. This is a spiritual process whereby the inner self is allowed to speak, to reveal itself, to be offered a platform for expulsion, revelation, and renewal, so that each of you may reconnect to the true growth energy within, that of nature, of God within, and to the possibility for understanding the self as energy, interconnected to all other energy.

Once you feel the awakening of the energy of inner self it is hard to reject it. Once the hard crust of neglect has cracked and the secrets of self have begun to seep outward it is hard to repair the festering wounds it reveals. The tearing awake of the inner self, bursting through the long-toughening process of life, is no less an act of nature than the earthquakes that rock your globe. Your earth’s inner awakening reflects the great need for the inner spirit to emerge from its darkness and become present in that world where it has so often been pushed aside.

I do not speak of religions, of church doctrines, or of preaching dictates. I speak only of the true energy of inner spirit, which resides in every human being upon that earth. You each have within all that it takes to evolve. You must allow your awakenings, your inner rumblings, to teach you what you need to know about the self. You must allow your secrets to be revealed to the self. You must accept yourself as fallible and as good, as lost and as found, as hungry for life in a new manner. Only in accepting the wholeness of self, encompassing all that you love and want and all that you hate and fear, will you achieve that new life you so hunger for, My Dears. And you must learn what it means to be truthful, honest, and utterly naked and revealed, facing the self without conflicts of interest, without conventional voices dictating judgments and proposals that overshadow the truths of who you truly are.

Remind yourselves often of your energetic content, of your ability to flow with life, of your desire for connection. Practice your evolving biddings by listening to what is going on inside you more intently. Listen to your inner self and ask what to do next. And then wait for the answer. It will come.

Thank you, Jeanne! I understand that you are also proposing that we are like the energy of nature itself, that we are no different. Would you contend that the preponderances of natural disasters are warning us of our true inner desires to change and evolve? There have been earthquakes, a volcano in Iceland, global warming, cyclones, typhoons, flooding and any number of natural disasters lately affecting the world. I have felt them to be signs that Mother Earth, that nature itself will not allow us to be in control for much longer, that we are being forced to change, but I don’t feel that enough people are listening. Can you comment?

Nature itself will reveal its intentions. It has far greater power to shake the world and shatter the empty dreams and cogitations of greed than any human alive. There is none so powerful as Mother Nature. But you must all pay attention to that same energy within. Mother Nature resides within. God resides within. All power resides within, good and bad. Evolutionary potential, built up over centuries, lies within. Some of you upon that earth have been evolving for many years, many lifetimes, while others are new at it. It is up to the old souls to lead the way, by example, returning to earth energy. The earth itself is showing you that this is the proper road to take, for it leads to the inevitable change that is to come.

Do not be afraid of change, but prepare for personal change first by embracing that which comes from within to teach you what it means to embrace change without. Learn to embrace the journey of self, of the inner self yearning for partnership and mergence in life. Return to nature by returning to self. The true connection to self and nature lies within and that is where your energy lies: within. The energy of earth lies within, and it has the capacity to shift and change the outer world when the time is right.

Do for yourselves what you know you must. Prepare to evolve. In adopting a new relationship with the self as an evolving energy being you will be ready for what comes in your life to greet you. Your practices of inner awakenings will have prepared you well.

NOTE: As I was typing up this message I heard a knock at the door and an elderly gentleman, a Jehovah’s Witness, was standing on the porch looking at our concrete Buddha who sits gazing out over our front walk. He asked me what I thought about all the change in the world, and I replied that I thought the world itself was showing us that we have to change too. He handed me a copy of Awake! This month’s pamphlet is subtitled: Nature had it first. I am struck by the synchronicity of this visit while I was working on this awakening message today.

#668 Do a Spring Review

Jan Ketchel channeling Jeanne Marie Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
We are experiencing the first full days of spring in the Northeast, a time of rebirth, new life, and new stirrings of the energies of the earth. I find this time of year more meaningful than any other because I feel that spring is a harbinger of new possibilities, urging us all to change with it, offering us amazing energy to ride on, if we elect to do so. During the week I have practiced the process of setting intents as you described in last Monday’s message to us. As I repeat my mantras I often find that I receive answers and guidance in my dreams. I know that this is but one door to discovering more about myself, as dreaming allows me to tap into what I sometimes cannot grasp during the light of day. My dreams show me things of significance, perhaps a missing piece that I then can take into my day and work with. I know that many of our readers may not find what they need in their dreams, or they just may not have explored them for their growth potential as I have. What else is available as a means of offering signs, as a means of guidance, besides dreaming? What else can people look for to help them go deeper and yet know that they are on the right track? How do the answers come? And how can they be trusted as the right answers?

My Dear One, as you state, dreaming is one means of finding your path in life upon that earth, but there are as many paths as there are people, and I would be remiss if I were to conclude that life must be done in one way or another. In dreaming you are offered what lies hidden, but even dreams may not be helpful if one is not deeply studying the self in all aspects of life, in waking life, in relationships, in how one thinks and acts, in how one is present in life or not present. You see, the inner work must be a part of an evolving life in order for the inner self to recognize the signs and how they come to guide. In your own case, you had to learn to trust my intrusion in your life in order to come this far, in order to become this open channel, did you not, Jan?

Yes, I had to learn to trust you and to tolerate you because I did not really want the responsibility of this job. I fought you for a long time, but over time, and because of your unrelenting patience, I was able to get through the first almost annoying years with you. So, what do you suggest that people look for in their own lives, as they do their inner work?

First, I advise that inner work, in whatever form fits a person, is most beneficial.

Second, I advise learning what the personal inner voice sounds like.

Third, learn to recognize and feel the “other” voice that speaks, from beyond the familiar inner voice.

Fourth, learn how to communicate with this “other” voice. What language does it speak with you? Is it the language of poetry, of vision, of art, of music, of movement? Is it a voice that you know immediately though you do not know how or from where? Do you feel an ancient connection inside you?

Once you find this ancient connection inside, by your own diligent process of testing, of trusting, of rejecting, of inviting, and of discriminating between that which feels vibrationally, energetically right and that which feels energetically devastating, you will find your method of communication and your means of guidance.

As with all evolutionary practices, finding the voice of guidance within is an individual process, but in order for it to truly be available and utilized one must learn to trust it. One must allow oneself to be pushed by it, to be challenged by what is presented. For instance, if you are unhappy in a job or relationship and your inner work shows you what to do to resolve it, and you know exactly what you must do, will you allow your self to go forth with this knowing, though you foresee many hardships ahead as a result of daring to do what will truly be life-changing? Are you truly ready for life-changing steps?

In order to be open to the signs of guidance, one must make the decision to change. And this may be the most difficult part of the process we are discussing. For all the signs in the world, all the dreaming insights, all the guidance that is plunked down in front of you will not aid you if you will not make the decision that change in your life is good. If you will not allow for change then you will only accumulate a lot of useless data, until you are truly ready to review your life and see what you have been missing.

Perhaps that is the place to begin now, on this spring day. Perhaps it is time to review all the signs you have already been given in your dreams, in your interactions with others, in your signs outside of you, in your physical reactions, your mental stresses, and your yearning inner self. What is the greatest message that you have been receiving lately? What is it suggesting you must do? Why is it so hard to receive this message? Who are you protecting as you receive this message? What part of you is not hearing, seeing, feeling, or allowing this guidance to be meaningful?

As you do a spring review, look also ahead to your future. Breathe in the energies of the earth at this time, this transitional time. Intend transition. Will the self to make a commitment to allow for it. In this way will you find that your signs will be more recognizable, your guidance clearer, and your path revealed. Do you see what I am saying? If your intent is truthfully allowed to be acceptable to you, first and foremost, then all the guidance that you have not seen or heard or felt will be revealed. Here is how to set the intent to change:

1. You must state that you are ready for it.

2. You must open your arms, your heart, your mind and your inner self to it.

3. You must acquiesce to the journey that will unfold before you.

4. You must challenge your self to move forward, though the old you will fight you at every step.

5. You must trust your self. You must trust that you are strong, capable, and ready to change.

6. If you are at the cusp of change, at the verge, standing on the rim of darkness, of fear, of annihilation, you must review how you got there. Have you not already allowed for many changes? Have you not been helped and guided all along the way and lived to tell your tales?

7. Now comes the next big step in trusting your journey: Throw out your voice into the darkness, into the void, into the unknown, into the veils that block your clarity of vision, and wait for its echo calling you forward. With resonance in response you will know what you must do next.

This is a very exciting time to be alive. As I said, breathe in the energies of spring, of life, of possibility, of transition and transformation. Breathe in the possibilities of self and allow for change to guide you. Allow for letting go of the old as you see where it has landed you, and turn to the earth at your feet for the guidance you now need. Happy Spring!