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Chuck’s Place: The End Of An Era

The shadow of death is always right behind us... - Photo by Chuck Ketchel
The shadow of death is always right behind us…
– Photo by Chuck Ketchel

I most humbly and with deep gratitude borrow the title for this blog post—The End of an Era—from a section heading in Carlos Castaneda’s final work, The Active Side of Infinity. As I look about me and see the signs of endings everywhere the phrase “end of the story” comes to mind, but I refuse it. It’s not the end of our story; it’s the end of an era.

I have just finished reading to Jan the chapter entitled Death as an Advisor in Castaneda’s early work Journey to Ixtlan. As I look over my left shoulder—where death, our faithful companion sits perched about an arm’s length away—I don’t feel the chill up my spine, the sign death delivers to show us our time is up. The sign is neither there for myself nor the world, and so our story continues.

Nonetheless, death delivers many signs on the world stage, countless atrocities, beheadings and the like. With these signs death advises us to awaken from the daily trance we live in, generated by our complacent minds—the foreign installation the Shamans of Ancient Mexico taught us about—our true antagonist in this chapter of our world’s story.

The storyline of that foreign installation—our mind—is to focus on the pettiness of self-importance and greed, the matrix that keeps us distracted from the real precipice we are perched upon, our survival dangling in delicate balance.

Death broadcasts its message in dramatic voice. Yes, we are in the throes of transformation, one era melding into another. Death advises that we cut through to the bone of the illusions we have clung to, the cornerstone of the era we are leaving. That era has been dominated by the mind’s attachment to greed in all its myriad forms. Greed is a virus unsustainable in the New Era. Our next chapter is immune to the virus of greed.

I do not fault greed, the product of what don Juan called the Flyer’s mind, another term for the foreign installation that challenges us and has held us so tightly in its grasp. Don Juan states:

“We are energetic probes created by the universe…and it’s because we are possessors of energy that has awareness that we are the means by which the universe becomes aware of itself. The flyers are the implacable challengers…They are the means by which the universe tests us.” *

Here don Juan identifies our ultimate reason for being in this world. Through our journeys in this life we become the apparatuses of consciousness that enlighten our World Soul. We are the active side of infinity. The flyers, or foreign installation, that have taken root in our minds are the agents of greed. The dominance of greed has let us sit back in the Matrix** and pretend all is well. Death, our faithful advisor, shows us that the gig is up; wake up!

Like the snow squalls,  a New Era too will blow in... - Photo by Jan Ketchel
Like the snow squalls,
a New Era too will blow in…
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

The flyers, monstrous as they may be, are the necessary antagonists that force us to shine a brighter and brighter light on the truth. This is how the universe challenges us to become aware of itself: The light of consciousness shines through all the veils of illusion to arrive at what really is. Evil—those flyers, the foreign installation that controls our mind—is actually challenging us to wake up, to burn through the illusions and deepen our alignment with the truth.

This is the basis of our New Era, a world that aligns itself with right action, a world that corrects its course and allows Earth’s story to continue in new balance. Of course, this New Era will have its own new antagonists to contend with. And someday this New Era will also end. But the truth is that this Earth story is such a good one that it’s just not allowed to end yet, though someday it will.

All things have their era and then they eventually end because that is the imperative of consciousness, to grow and adventure in this, the ever-deepening, active side of infinity.

World without end, Amen,

*Quote from: The Active Side of Infinity, p. 229

** Reference is made to the movie, The Matrix.

We also note the synchronicity of this day: today is Ash Wednesday, a New Moon phase, and the eve of the Chinese New Year, all endings, and beginnings of new eras.

A Day in a Life: Dreaming of Pie Dough & Desert Wind

I don't want to become flyer food...

It’s a bit early to go to bed, but I’m tired. Something’s bothering me and I don’t want to wake up in a few hours with it still on my mind. I don’t want to lie awake for hours, my mind crawling with thoughts, becoming what the shamans call flyer food. Shamans see flyers as entities that feed off human agitation, and thoughts generate agitated energy. As I drift off to sleep, I ask the universe and my dreaming self to take the “bothersome something” from my mind so I can sleep peacefully.

“Please give me something so I can get through the night without disturbance,” I ask.

Immediately, I am standing in a windy desert. I look down and see an aluminum pie plate in the sand at my feet. I put my thoughts into it, in little bits and pieces like rolled bits of pie dough until the pie plate is filled. The wind, already strong, grows stronger now. I watch, as first one and then another bit of pie dough blow away, then another and another, until all the bits of pie dough have blown away. Then the aluminum pie plate blows away too.

“Oh,” I say, “that’s how I’ll do it. I’ll just keep putting bothersome thoughts into the pie plate and let the desert wind blow them away.”

I go into the desert many times throughout the night and each time I do the pie plate is lying at my feet, once again returned for use. Dropping little thought-clumps onto the pie plate I watch them pile up and then watch as they and the pie plate blow away in the wind. Each time I do this, I am aware of the power of intent to create exactly what is needed. I remark to myself in my dream how well it works and how calm and peaceful I feel. In addition, I notice that the contents of the thought-clumps never materialize in my mind, not even for an instant. I am so intently involved in the process of rolling them up and watching them blow away that they never become real. Thus, my mind is totally empty and at peace.

I sleep deeply. When I wake up in the morning I am calm and well rested. I tell Chuck of my nighttime process.

“It really worked, I slept so soundly,” I say. “I was able to not only sleep deeply but my mind was perfectly empty and calm even when the “bothersome something” arose. I just went through the process as it came to me and let the wind take it. It’s really an excellent mindfulness practice.”

Chuck reminded me that I had mentioned to him the other day that Byron Katie spent a lot of time in the desert after her awakening in 1986, listening to her inner stories, letting the winds take her thoughts, thoughts that came out of her, both her own and those that did not really belong to her personally. Although I live far from the desert, the desert winds appeared just when I needed help too. Who knows what else lies waiting to help us, just for the asking.

To be clear, there’s a huge difference between ridding the mind of bothersome everyday thoughts and what goes on when one is engaged in deep recapitulation. As Byron Katie discovered, she had to encounter her own darkness; in order to heal she had to face everything that came up out of her. In contrast, I just didn’t want useless thoughts interfering with my sleep last night. I had no intention of inviting the flyers to a feeding frenzy.

In addition, I had no intention of going back to or revisiting any thoughts that might arise. I sensed them hovering about, waiting to see if they’d find an opening, and set my intent to do exactly the opposite, to not become available. Instead, I encased them in pie dough, letting them know that they were inconsequential thoughts of no significance and I would give them no energy whatsoever. In letting the wind take everything, including the pie plate, nothing was left behind for the flyers to feed off; no crumbs even to lick clean.

Peaceful healed mind enjoying life...

We have to accept that thoughts naturally arise, seeking a place to land. In meditation practice, it’s the eternal process of letting go of thoughts that eventually allows us the experience of peaceful mind, as they drift through our mind without attachment. I see the pie plate and wind of my desert dream as a natural meditation tool. Give it a try; it really does work!

It’s even often appropriate to send thoughts away during recapitulation, but we have to be aware that some of the issues we’re trying to push away will return, no matter how far the wind blows them, until we are done with them. This is because the intent of recapitulation is to heal, totally, and total healing takes many forms, painful and blissful alike. However, I could see using the same practice as a recapitulation tool to send interfering thoughts away that are blocking the truth, or for sending away self-defeating thoughts, old scenarios that are no longer true, as well as the voices of others. It may also help in dealing with the onslaughts of messages from the deeper self that we are just not ready to acknowledge yet.

Once we’ve healed, the flyers leave us alone for the most part, and we are free to dream new dreams.

Passing it on,

A Day in a Life: Recapitulation & Inorganic Beings

Today I write about inorganic beings, a complex and often confusing subject that I have been pondering for weeks, not quite sure how to approach it in this blog. Even a thought about or reference to inorganic beings—beings without form or beings able to appear in any shape or form—can induce fear. I often see people shudder when the subject is brought up. Since I do not intend to frighten anyone, I have decided to approach the topic today from a personal perspective. Hopefully some of my experiences during my recapitulation and otherwise will alleviate some of the discomfort associated with inorganic beings, as well as raise awareness as to how they may potentially approach us and what their presence might mean in our lives.

Jeanne, whom I communicate with regularly, is an inorganic being. A month before she died in December 2001 she came to me in a few dreams, almost as if she were setting up the process that would unfold over the next few years. After she died she began coming to me in other shapes and forms, sometimes materializing before me in recognizable human form, other times as pure energy that I could not see but could feel, and still other times as visible luminous white fluttering energy. I was never afraid of her, though the first time she appeared before me, as if a hologram were forming right before my eyes, I have to say I was quite shocked.

The thing that I recognized about Jeanne, inorganic being that she was, was that her energy felt good, it felt right, and it matched my own perfectly. So that is the first important thing to learn about the self: What does your personal energy feel like? It should be instantly recognizable, known, and accessible. Personally, I have a longstanding relationship with my own energy, with what it feels like, and I suggest that most other people do as well. Even if you’ve never thought about it, you know how you feel when you are in your element, in balance, perhaps doing something creative, something calming, or even something thrilling. We all have a personal energy that is ours alone, as personal as our fingerprints.

Once we definitely recognize what our personal energy feels like then we can use it to gauge ourselves energetically in the world, both in the world of everyday life as well as what we encounter as we recapitulate, dream, and have experiences that go beyond the norm. We can learn to use it to our advantage no matter what the situation is by training ourselves to retain awareness of our personal energy at all times, even when we are being challenged to go beyond our routines and comfort zones.

When don Juan teaches Carlos Castaneda about inorganic beings he accompanies him on many adventures, watching over him and guiding him through some tricky situations, until eventually Carlos is able to have some experiences on his own, having trained his awareness about how inorganic beings approach, in what shape and form, and learning to decipher what they want and whether they are friend or foe. For instance, the mind is a great place for inorganic energy to attach. Flyers, as the shamans call mind-destined energy eaters, can appear as incessant thoughts, worries, fears, etc. that eat up our energy and make us forget why we are really here. They can come in many forms, taking us away from our selves, our goals, our intentions, keeping us captivated while they get what they want: our energy.

During my own recapitulation I learned that these flyers come most often in the form of old voices from the past that we may not even recognize as those of others, such as our parents, teachers, people who have abused us, our religion, our society, our politicians, any number of things we have been taught and heard over and over again from the time we were born. These voices pile up and pile on the jargon of the world we live in, until we are inundated and, before we know it, they occupy our everyday speech, actions, thoughts, and ideas, pestering us into living automatic and uncreative lives based on a generally accepted protocol of what life is meant to be.

These flyers have been eating away at our energy for a long time before we start to think and act for ourselves. By the time we wake up to the truth that we have our own ideas, thoughts, and curiosities about life that deviate from everything we have ever been taught, the flyers will do what they are supposed to do: they will start in on us again, incessantly calling us back to their dogma and their way of doing things, which after all we’ve been doing for so long and weren’t we happy with the way things were? Breaking away from the flyers, from the mind of the past, is a major step not only in recapitulation, but in growing up and becoming a separate adult human being on a personal journey.

Another form of inorganic being that I encountered during my recapitulation appeared in the form of foreign energy. The first thing I learned was that it had been present in my personal energetic world for a long time already, just as the flyers had been. Foreign energy, energy that has attached to us through experiences and interactions with people in our pasts, loves us. In true parasitic fashion, it finds a home in us, eats away at our energy, taking it from us, depleting us. When we finally discover its vicious little teeth chomping away at us, it can put up quite a fight as we try to extricate it from our very beings.

This foreign energy plants itself in us during experiences in life; sexual encounters being but one of them. The shamans say that women carry within them the energy of every man they have ever had sex with. Men, in turn, take energy from women, so suffice it to say that they too carry around with them the energy of every woman they have ever had sex with. This might not sound too appealing, but until we rid ourselves of this foreign energy, whether it arrived in sexual encounters or in other ways, we will not be totally energetically complete and whole.

During my recapitulation I dubbed the flyers and foreign energy “The Invisibles” because they would come out of nowhere and before I knew it I was back in their clutches, moaning about not wanting to leave the old comforts they provided, even though I knew they were devastating to me. That old energy was so well known to me, how could I ever let it go? These inorganic beings and I had traveled a long way together, how could I possibly leave them behind? From my reactions you might get the gist of how they work. By constantly returning and exerting pressure—We’re such good friends, aren’t we, Jan? Isn’t it easier to just give in and acquiesce to us? Can’t we just stay a little longer? etc.—they attempted to remain present in my body, my thoughts, my world, stealing my energy.

As I wrote about in Recapitulation & Breathing, a number of good breathing techniques can help remove these uninvited guests. By breathing them out, by refusing them with conscious intent to unseat them, they eventually get the idea that we are serious, that we will not let them in anymore and eventually they leave and we gain back our own energy. Once we have successfully gained it all back, we are in a very strong position to ward off not only these very common inorganic beings but the more tricky and conniving ones of other worlds.

In having done a recapitulation and in recognizing that I am completely compatible with Jeanne’s energy in infinity, I have continued to train my awareness, especially as regards inorganic beings because they are always out there, ready to sneak in when we are unaware, looking for some tasty energy, no matter how well attuned and aware we may think we are. The thing to remember is that none of this is personal. Inorganic beings operate, from what I can discern, completely impersonally, just out for what they can get.

I hope some of this makes sense. I think the first thing to take note of is personal energy. Get to know it, recognize it, and always come home to it. Secondly, begin to really listen to the flyers of the mind, the voices of old; question them, and question the unspoken commands and the actions we do automatically, as to whether or not they are right. Thirdly, it is important to rid ourselves of energy that does not belong to us, and to refuse to let it back in. These confrontations with the reality we have accepted and lived with for so long offer breaks in the incessant jargon of a world that was created long before we entered it.

And lastly, once we are ready to question this reality we open ourselves to a new way of not only seeing the world, but reacting and interacting in it. And we may, if we choose, after our training, go off alone, like Carlos, better prepared to enter other worlds and to deal with what we may encounter.

I am fortunate to have encountered Jeanne, but I have also, through the years, encountered other not so compatible and often very uncomfortable and sometimes frightening energy, but because of my training with her in infinity and with Chuck in the shaman’s world I will not be deterred. I know I must remain aware at all times, that is a lifelong challenge, but I cannot stop my journey now. I want to keep going, to enter new worlds freely, without doubt, shame, embarrassment, without flyers or foreign energy holding me back.

If you wish, feel free to share or comment in the Post Comment section below.

Sending you all love and good wishes; and watch out for those inorganic beings!