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Currently, I put most of my energy into the weekly channeled messages, the daily Soulbytes, and the completion of The Recapitulation Diaries. An occasional blog does still get written when the creative urge strikes. Archived here are the blogs I wrote for many years about inner life and outer life, inner nature and outer nature. Perhaps my writings on life, as I see it and experience it, may offer you some small insight or different perspective as you take your own journey.

With gratitude for all that life teaches me, I share my experiences.

Jan Ketchel

A Day in a Life: Giving Up Having it My Way

I thought I’d follow up on last week’s blog with a quick update. Tomorrow, I’ll have more time to post a lengthier monologue on confronting fear and the process I engaged in using the guidance that is available.

Today, I discovered that I am going have to give up my Wednesdays as sacred days. It’s a new year after all and so far I can’t seem to recreate what I had worked so hard to establish last year, a day mostly dedicated to me and my own work. If I am truly going to learn to flow I have to give up my expectations and desires to have it my way. So, I acquiesce to the truth that Wednesdays no longer belong to me in quite the same way. However, this morning (a Wednesday) started off very nicely with a computer upgrade, so everything is chugging along at a much faster speed and my frustrations with my beloved but aging iMac have simply disappeared.

Since I wrote about her last week, our old dog, Spunky, has really slowed down. We no longer take her for walks, but simply let her out to roll in the snow and sit on the front porch. Last weekend she scared us by falling each time we took her out, her back legs too weak to make even a short trip up the road. (I just had to run out and get her because she was strolling over to the neighbor’s house. She came limping back as soon as she saw me, saying: Yes, Jan, I’m coming, but you’re no fun anymore!) She doesn’t seem to be in pain and we’re trying to keep her as comfortable as possible. The slippery wood floors in the house send her skittering and falling and we’ve laid small rugs down to aid her so she can safely get to her favorite resting spots.

What I have been learning today is that if I am going to flow, which also means being brave enough to face my fears, I have to give up some of my wants and desires to have the day go according to plan. It isn’t enough to carve out a sacred day either, because then I may not look for the sacred in other days, for the meaningfulness in the mundane. My intent for tomorrow is to offer a peek at my process of inner work around a particular issue, only because I think it might be helpful as I continue to channel Jeanne around the subject of fear. Fear comes up a lot, in every day, in some way, in my personal life and in the lives of those around me, with people I work with and with those closest to me. I continue to find it to be at the root of all action and inaction, underlying all my decisions, offering me options if I am ready to accept the challenges of them. And the other day I had quite a lot of help in seeing just how I should confront my own biggest fear of the moment.

Take a look at Jeanne’s Message #636 of today with more guidance around working with our fears. I look forward to blogging tomorrow. Unless things don’t go as I have planned!
Until then,

Go Where it Takes You

As I work on my recapitulation book I find the following guidance from Jeanne, given to me in January of 2004. I think it jives nicely with the themes of the recent questions and answers.

At the time, I am struggling with old memories and trying to get to a calmer, more balanced place so that my daily life will flow more smoothly. I am divorced, living with my two children who are twelve and fifteen at the time and working as a freelance artist, muralist, and writer. I ask Jeanne for guidance on what to do and how to proceed. The answer is this: Let it all go.

And then what? I ask.

Nothing; you don’t have to do anything, just let it go, and go where it takes you. Let yourself be carried into that tunnel of ocean. (This refers to a recent dream where I had swum out into the ocean, representing all knowing, the universe, into perfect calm.)

Is it safe?

Of course it’s safe. It’s your destiny; it’s where you belong. Just go there; you’ll see.

How do I deal with this world, the bills to pay, the kids to raise?

It will all happen on its own, you just have to allow it. Let go. Go with the flow. Let yourself be taken on your journey. You are going there anyway. Make it easy on yourself by not fighting. You are going there anyway.

But what about making decisions?

The end result will be the same.

And what is that?

You have to go there. You have to trust and allow yourself to go.

As usual she gave me enough encouragement to keep going, but I still had to do the work and get myself there. And I can certainly say that I’m very happy I did!

Have a great weekend! And keep flowing and daring to go where you have to go.

A Day in a Life: Flowing

Here is the first recitation of my own experiences as I attempt to learn from Jeanne’s guidance. May it be helpful.

As I was typing yesterday’s Message #632 from Jeanne I decided to track my experiences of the day to see if I could successfully, and with intent, follow her instructions to flow with what the day brought. Here is a log of what transpired as I attempted to stay focused on flowing.

The day began as usual at 5:20 AM with our old dog waking us for her morning walk. Usually we are ready to hop out of bed with her and begin the day. Both Chuck and I had anticipated that we would awaken fully refreshed from a good night’s sleep, like the morning before, but the first words out of Chuck’s mouth were: “I feel like I got run over by a truck!” and I felt the same way. Though we had slept well we woke in muffled energy almost as dark as the still lingering night. As Chuck got ready to take Spunky on her walk I dragged myself out of bed and did my own early morning chores, making the coffee, feeding the cats, turning up the pellet stove in one room and feeding the wood stove that heats most of the rest of the house during the cold winter months. When Chuck and Spunky returned from their walk we did a most unusual thing and returned to bed. This presented us with all kinds of dilemmas, not only throwing us off our routine, but affecting everything else that I had intended for the day.

My intention for the day was to wake as usual, have our coffee together, do my Wednesday channeling, see Chuck off to the office, post the message from Jeanne, get in a good hour of yoga practice and spend most of the rest of the day working on the book I am writing about recapitulation before heading in to the office for sessions later in the day. This is not what happened.

We dozed in bed for an extra hour. After Chuck left the house at 8:30 I am left feeling frustrated and a little anxious about sticking to my pre-planned agenda for the day. I end up doing my channeling several hours later than normal. At this time of year we have our college aged children home on winter break. Usually they stay up very late and sleep most of the day so I am afforded quiet mornings for my work with Jeanne. However, this morning my son is still awake downstairs after having stayed up all night and my daughter is sick upstairs, coughing and running to the bathroom a lot. I sequester myself in my room and in spite of ambient noise from above and below I get a good message from Jeanne. I spend the next hour typing, coding, and carefully proofreading it before posting it on the website. I have been besieged with computer problems lately and failing internet connections and my attempts to post the message are repeatedly thwarted. I get increasingly agitated and frustrated by the failure of these technical aspects until I recall Jeanne’s instructions to flow with what the day brings. I begin to release the frustrations of the day as I open up to the realization that this is going to be a very different day from what I had planned. I finally resolve the issue with the internet connection and post the message, but it is now much later in the morning, I haven’t done my yoga, and now my son is playing a video game that is booming through the floor. After I ask him to lower the volume I jot a few notes down for this log.

Oh yeah, the night before as I was going to bed I found that I had lost an earring, which really bothered me because it was a pair that I was enjoying wearing lately, so my intent was to look for that earring during the day. (I do not lose earrings, so this is unusual. I have only lost an earring once since I got my ears pierced when I was ten.) I use my psychic abilities to determine where it might be. I clearly see it lying outside on the ground, face up, by the woodpile, but I don’t go outside to see if I am correct. I am too uncertain of my abilities to test it this soon. Instead, I decide to keep an eye out for it throughout the day.

I am so put off by the morning’s events that I have to center myself and re-envision how my day will go. I decide that even a little bit of yoga will do me good, so finally, with the sun pouring in the windows and Spunky asleep on the floor next to me, I get in a good twenty minutes of yoga, magical passes, and breathing exercises followed by five minutes of meditation. I keep my eyes closed during most of it to block out the world and keep my focus inward, attempting to detach from the frustration over the lateness of the day. However, by the end of it I have become obsessed with keeping this log, my mind whirling with whether or not this is really right and what I actually want to say. I command myself to let it go. It’s not important, just flow with the day. The old doggie shakes violently in her sleep, eyes half open. I am afraid she is dying, but then she lets out a big sigh and opens her eyes and looks at me and I clearly understand her saying: “No, not yet, Jan” and she falls back asleep. I feel good after my yoga practice, more centered, and innerly calm. I take that for what it is, a nice gift, even though it was not as long or deep as I had wanted.

It is now after noon. I reload the wood stove and turn my focus to eating something and getting some work done on my book. I let the dog out and keep one eye on her to make sure she doesn’t cross the road and go off into the field on the other side. She is deaf and senile and if she wanders away she can’t hear me calling. Her arthritis is so bad now though that she doesn’t wander much beyond the front door. I watch her plop down in the snow and let her stay outside enjoying the coolness from below and the warmth from the sun above.

One of our cats is chronically ill and my son comes up to tell me that she has vomited on the floor downstairs again. I finish my lunch and put off work on my book to take care of the mess. While I am down there I spend some time talking with my son and then decide to clean the litter boxes as well. I let the dog back in and wash up the pile of dishes that has accumulated in the kitchen sink. By this time I am resolved to just flowing with the day, there is not much else to do, and I keep reminding myself of Jeanne’s message to let life unfold as it will. I feel like I am doing a pretty good job of that, no longer attached to the frustrations of the earlier part of the day, not resentful at all. I am actually getting more curious as the day goes on, eager to see what transpires.

Finally, I sit down at the computer and work on my book for an hour, then take the dog for her afternoon walk, talk to my daughter for a while, and talk to Chuck’s daughter on the phone who calls to discuss plans for working with a new company down in North Carolina. As I am getting in enough wood to last through the night and into the early morning I find my earring by the wood pile, exactly where I had envisioned it earlier in the day. (I must be psychic!) I have another hour to spare so I work on my book before I head off to the office.

This may not seem like a very exciting day, but what was I learning and being shown? First, I take note of the fact that I lost an earring, a most unusual event for me. In retrospect, I see this as the first sign that things are not going to go according to plan. Waking up groggy and feeling like I had not slept well, when I had in fact slept quite soundly made me think that the energy had shifted and it would not be like the day before, which had flowed very smoothly. I posed my question to Jeanne around retaining balance because I was already feeling off balance, though I was, at that time, still attempting to salvage my preset intentions. By eventually acquiescing to what the day presented me with I did, in fact, get quite a bit of what I had originally intended accomplished, albeit not in the order or amount as previously planned. I did get to do yoga, I did get to work on my book, I got to spend some time chatting with each of the kids, and I got my household chores done. On top of it, I was shown that I can trust my psychic abilities and I didn’t feel rushed once I allowed myself to detach from my original plans and just flow.

In the end, it was a pretty satisfactory day. Once again I am reminded of how insightful Jeanne’s guidance is and I am also reminded of her very early guidance to me, as she would often repeat: “Just trust me, Jan, everything will be fine, everything will work out, don’t worry, you will be fine.” These were some of the most soothing and prophetic words I ever heard, and they still are.

Funnily enough, as I write this up today, I am once again faced with having to acquiesce to the flow of what the day brings. In spite of my original intentions to get this posted early this morning, I have had to get beyond my frustrations of the day, releasing my control of events, and just go with the flow. So here you have my first posting in a new blog, a day in my life as I attempt to follow and learn from Jeanne’s guidance.

I hope this has been helpful! I look forward to writing again soon.
Go with the flow!