A Day in a Life: A New Intent

Dear Readers and Fellow Inner Journeyers,

Today begins a new day in our process and routine together. It is time for me to pull my energy inward. I am deeply involved in work on my book, in my clinical work, and in my personal explorations of energy. I have thoroughly enjoyed and grown from the process of giving to you and to this website over the past four years, but I have lately felt a great need to deepen my work as a channel and psychic, and to really learn what it means and how to better use it. The challenge is to track the energy, always in flux, and to flow with it, and this is where my energy needs to go now.

As part of this process of change and transformation I am now permanently and professionally taking my married name, Ketchel. So as you come to this website each week you will be dealing with the partnership of Ketchel, Ketchel & Ketchel, and appropriately so, for we are truly a partnership. You will see this name change reflected on the website over the next month or so as we update it.

We do intend to continue the channeling, but now just once a week, each Monday morning. It seems right to begin the week with a message from Jeanne. I anticipate writing during the week and keeping in touch through this blog, A Day in a Life, and on Saturdays Chuck will continue to post his writing in Chuck’s Place, always such a treat.

Today, in lieu of a longer channeled message from Jeanne, I offer this poem of sorts that I got from her this morning when I communicated with her regarding the changes we are instituting in our own lives, impacting many of you too, as we are very aware that the messages three times a week have been extremely valued. Here is what she says:

Give a little, take a little.
Share a little, receive a little.
Spend a little, earn a little.
Use a little, plant a little
so that new growth may always be possible

Nurture and guide,
but also protect and treasure.
Be available, but be private.
Be innerly and be outerly.
Be creative and be also attentive to the fires
of inner work, inner energy, and rejuvenation

Be whole, but be balanced.
Be in the world and not in the world.
Be who you are, but allow for change.
Be afraid when you must, but discover the reason why.
Be happy, but do not forget how to be sad.
Be safe, but not at the expense of daring.
Be adventurous, but do not forget to be connected,
at all times, to the desires of the spirit self

Jeanne went on to say: Listen to your hearts at all times and follow the guidance of good, of resonance, and of right. The more inner work you do, the more clearly will your path be revealed and you will learn not to question so much, but to proceed with truth, knowing, and instinct as your natural companions and guides. Always do good work. Always finish your processes as they arise. Do not shirk your duties, but do save enough time for the self. This must now be the most important thought as you awaken each day: “Yes, I must spend some time alone today and do my inner journey.”

I look forward to the next unfolding of this journey with you.

3 thoughts on “A Day in a Life: A New Intent”

  1. It is wonderful to see the evolution.

    The work here has been awesome and so, so transformational. Thank you so much! It is and has been so very much appreciated.

    Many times, especially early on the works here would hit a synchronistic hot spot, that I wasn’t sure how to respond too, either blocked by my own ego, or in fear of the aspects of self it challenged me to confront. The transformation is in its infancy, and there is so much more to learn and grow from. Every small change connects with others, and multiplies exponentially. Clearly bringing infinity into the realm of awareness and potential.

    My deepest and sincere thanks to Jeanne, Jan and Chuck and all of the work you all have done. Wow ! It makes darkness light and shows that the balance co-exists. In a good good way. And it’s fun to get lost and get comfortable with uncertainty. It teachs us to trust the process. It tells us to go on and dig deeper, even when we want to stop. Especially when we want to stop. And every time we think “we got this” is just another signpost to go further. To infinity and beyond.

    I am so looking forward to the changes and the evolution to come.

    The very best wishes with love and light, and even the shadow wishes well,


  2. Dear Jeanne, Jan and Chuck,

    I know this is a bit long and I hope it is OK to post here, but maybe, it might be helpful for others, so, I’d like to share my experience of this past week as well as comment on this message.

    First, I’d like to say that I continue to be in awe and have such deep respect and admiration for everything you have done and continue to do for all of us “journeyers”! Thank you Jan, for giving so freely of yourself, your time and your energy as you have channeled Jeanne. I was surprised when you said that it has been four years! Your wisdom, strength, persistence, stamina and courage have been a never ending source of inspiration for me and I am sure for everyone else as well. To have the opportunity to share even such a small part– merely a grain of sand in the hour glass of time–of this continuous transformation, has been at times very challenging, but always, always extremely rewarding!

    “Change” brings with it a bit of anxiety, so I do admit that I had a “moment “ as I read your “new intent”–OK several “moments“! I was hit with a variety of emotions– so very excited and happy for you as you take this new step in your journey and then anxiety and a sort of sadness as I realized, for the first time, just how much I had come to depend on Jeanne’s words of wisdom to carry me thru the week! However, many interesting things happened over the next couple of days as I began to detach from what felt like an obsessive need to read Jeanne’s messages,clinging to them like a warm fuzzy, to placing my intent on learning what all this means to me in my life right now, as you have taught me whenever a new-or old-situation appeared.

    I was drawn to Jan’s call to go deeper, which without too much thought, I recognized as my need to go deeper, spend more time alone and do my inner journey, as Jeanne so simply put it. This past year has been very busy and rewarding, presenting many challenges first with the loss of my Mom and then my recent marriage. Balancing everything has been extremely challenging, but I recognize that it is time to get back to deeper inner work. It is calling me and as many times as I have said “go away”… I know there is no time to waste. This is after all why we are here, right? To do this inner work?

    Second, I thought about how the three of you evolve, change, transform, acquiesce–or whatever word you choose to use–repeatedly, as needed or as necessary, something I have always met with great resistance in my life. So I felt presented with the need to get out of those places where I have been previously stuck and see where that takes me on my journey.

    The last thing is with the absence of the written words to depend on and lean on like a crutch, somehow, I began to hear with more clarity, both inner and outer guidance. My first solo lesson? #1) “Don’t Think“—trust. I laughed at this has been said to me on more then one occasion, but it ranks up there with one of those “Ahhhhhhhh” moments when you finally “get it”! Actually part of this lesson involved hearing my Mom’s voice as she told me to not be afraid and to trust what is given, which was not what I would expect her to say as she was the most fearful person I knew! At which point I heard her remind me that I was there when she died and did she not have a peaceful transition? As I acknowledged this, she said that she met her fears in her final days as she faced death but urged me not to wait until then. Hmmm…hasn’t Jeanne said this time and time again?

    The high point of this week is, for the first time, I truly understand what Jeanne has been saying about the need to take responsibility for our own journey. No one else can do this for us because each of our journeys are unique and personally our own, with one not greater or less in value then another—and this truly is why we are here!

    So, we go deeper……

    From my heart, with the purest love and intent, I thank you for freely giving of yourselves, your time and energy. I am greatly appreciative.

    Love, D.

  3. Dear Debbie, Thank you for your lovely comments. Transformations sometimes come when we least expect them, but they are not unwarranted, and taking the inner journey, in whatever way we do it, is a big part of allowing the moment of transformation to take place. The voice of your mom telling you to trust what you are given is exactly what Jeanne said to me in the very beginning as she challenged me to begin writing down what I was receiving and to pass on her messages to Chuck. To be exact, she told me to: “Trust all the gifts you are given.” And believe me, I had such a hard time knowing if the voice was mine or hers. I doubted and ranted and feared that I was not getting it right, that I was misinterpreting, misreading, and totally mistaken in my belief that I was really supposed to be doing this channeling. But she would not let up, and since then, once I acquiesced, it has been smooth sailing. It was back in February 2004 that I actually started writing down what she said, word for word. Before that I was just hearing it and only writing down what struck me at the moment as important for me. Pay attention to the all the gifts you are given, including that inner voice that speaks with such wisdom, whomever it belongs to.

    Keep going, trusting, and taking the adventure.

    Love, Jan

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