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Soulbyte for Friday August 25, 2017

Though you may feel ashamed of something you have done, something that happened to you, or something others think about you, if you sit long enough with the shame it becomes apparent that it is nothing more than energy within you trying to get your attention, alerting you to something deeper about yourself. Don’t get caught by the temptation to stay stuck in the vortex of your shameful self but let the energy of it take you beyond it. Use it as your power to think, discriminate, and change yourself. Use that which holds you back as the energy to take you forward. Transform negative energy into positive energy and transform yourself too. Everything is energy, but you decide what meaning gets attached to it and what attitude you take towards it. Something you perceive as bad may in fact be really good!

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Chuck’s Place: Assume Your Quantum Responsibility

Within this tomato is the entire plant…
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

Quantum is the world reduced to its energetic base, a wave of interconnected energy that has the alternative potential to fragment into discrete solid objects, distinguished by their uniqueness.

Carlos Castaneda complains to don Juan: “I can’t conceive the world in any other way… It is unquestionably a world of objects. To prove it, all we have to do is bump into them…”

“Of course it’s a world of objects. We are not arguing that,” responds don Juan. “… I am saying that this is first a world of energy; then it’s a world of objects.”

Don Juan also said, “I am convinced that for man to survive now, his perception… that the world is [only] made of concrete objects… must change.”*

Humankind must access its energetic, interconnected self to survive the clash with its separate, split apart objects, the crisis of now.

Quantum physicist David Bohm proposed that the universe is one giant hologram and that all the separate “objects” in it—i.e., people—are really of one interconnected whole. Each separate object is really a hologram that contains the whole within itself.

Assuming quantum responsibility means that the buck stops here. Within myself is the entire universe, that which is being acted out and debated right now on social media, in the news, and in the world. If we fail to recognize, contain, and reconcile all that is warring within ourselves we evade our quantum responsibility for the maintenance and survival of our entire world.

Too often the tensions of the opposites within us, or as we see them mirrored outside of us, cause us to polarize: things become black and white and we strongly identify with one side or the other. When we do this we project the rejected parts of ourselves outwardly, onto another, who becomes the enemy. This results in opposition, scapegoating, hateful banter, and, at times, attempts to literally destroy each other.

I risk here a sensitive example: twenty-year-old James Alex Fields Jr. slams his car into a Charlottesville crowd; an innocent woman is killed. Earlier Mr. Fields had stood with a group of men believed to be associated with Vanguard America whose manifesto declares that “a government based in the natural law must not cater to the false notion of equality.”**

If I distill this rhetoric down to its energetic essence, I see the irrational, instinctual, amoral, survival-of-the-fittest aspects of our being reacting to our evolved consciousness where reason advocates for evolved programs like equality.

This opposition of the natural order of things versus our evolved consciousness, the irrational versus reason, is inherent in the body/mind split that every being on earth has to contend with. Can I reconcile my own animal instincts with my own spirit’s consciousness? In setting out to do that I take quantum responsibility for the current challenges facing our world. My little hologram of self impacts the greater hologram that is our shared world.

The power shift in the world right now is toward the rise of the irrational; instinct versus reason. Reason has held a tight control of the world but is now rapidly diminishing in power.

The first quantum tool to stabilize the world is to face the hologram of the world, as it is being lived, within the self. Without blame, without projection, own the warring sides within. Where is the “Vanguard” within the self? How to acknowledge it, contain it, and integrate it more peaceably and responsibly within the self, into a living inner wholeness, is the task at hand. If I change my own hologram the world hologram must change as well. That is quantum physics; as within, so without.

Don Juan Matus also taught Carlos Castaneda the quantum tool of intent. For shamans, intent is a force that permeates the entire universe, that responds to the beckoning or command of human beings.

When a hypnotist plants a suggestion in the mind of a subject, the intent of that suggestion is frequently acted out by the subject. This propensity for human beings to mindlessly be influenced by suggestion can lead to high level manipulation at an individual level as well as on a collective level with large groups of people becoming controlled by suggestion. This is the kind of black magic that leads to the destruction being acted out daily on the world stage.

Regardless of the current exploitation of intent by the dark side, and we all must face the demands and commands of the dark side within ourselves, intent can always be beckoned for healing and evolution. On an individual level, the call for healing is sure to result in a cascade of unfolding events that shape the healing possibility. However intent answers the call, it is always incumbent upon the individual to face, recognize, and reconcile with the life circumstances shaped by intent in order to effect a cure.

Intent can provide an opportunity but consciousness must seize the day! Consciousness must acknowledge and safely live its darkness. All that is repressed will eventually break through with a vengeance.

Wholeness can look like this…
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

On a world level, individuals can beckon intent to lead us into a collective world healing. Such intent might sound something like this: I intend that the world heal. I intend that the world survive. I intend that the world embrace its wholeness, rational and irrational alike, with heart centered consciousness as the arbiter of reconciliation.

With that intent, I merge my intent with the intent of many. I also promise to assume quantum responsibility for the events that appear in my own personal hologram, facing them and reconciling with them, and in so doing furthering the healing of our energetic world.



*Quotes from The Art of Dreaming by Carlos Castaneda, pp. 3 & 4, bracketed text added by Chuck

**Reference to Vanguard America from the New York Times

Soulbyte for Wednesday April 19, 2017

Don’t take things for granted. Let the energy of each day guide you. Let the awakening body show you what is needed. Let the spirit inside you be present as you go forward into another day of learning and gathering that which is necessary for your growth toward wholeness. Some days you don’t need much of anything, just your calmness of heart and stillness of breath. Other days are more consuming and you need your sharp wits and your keen powers of perception and knowing. Each day is different, so stay attuned and aware, and act accordingly, in alignment with all that is, staying true to yourself of course!

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

A Message for Humanity from Jeanne: Life Is A Series Of Transformations


Every step is transformative, every decision, every day... - Photo by Jan Ketchel
Every step is transformative, every decision, every day…
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

Good morning! Here is today’s audio channeled message. Perhaps it will carry some inspiring words for you as a new day and a new week begin. And don’t forget to check out today’s Soulbyte, posted earlier this morning.

Just passing on what comes through…

Chuck’s Place: The Portal Of Disorientation

Where am I? - Photo by Jan Ketchel
Where am I?
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

Many times I woke in the night. I couldn’t orient myself to time or space. Each time, I’d ask myself, “Is it time to get up?” Finally locating the clock, I discovered that only 15 minutes had elapsed. Meanwhile, I’d been in many intense dreams. The night became an endless tide of vividly clear dreams, confused awakenings, the inability to find the clock, locate the window or the table with the water glass upon it. Nonetheless, I entered the day filled with energy, refusing any definitions of a restless night.

I left on my drive to work. As I descended a hill, a tidal wave of energy washed through me from head to toe. I felt leveled, nearly breathless. The after currents continued as I focused on steering the car with mindful presence. I refused all inner promptings to format my experience as dangerous. “A wave of energy had simply gone through me,” I told myself.

Carlos Castaneda taught how we build our reality through chains of associations that then define the world we perceive, creating the structures and habits we live by. These habits are actions generated by thoughts rationally paired that define “reality” and dictate behavioral responses.

I might have defined my experience as a consequence of my lack of sleep, the humidity and poor oxygen intake. I might have associated it with prodromal symptoms of a stroke or heart attack. I might have driven myself directly to the hospital if I’d settled on that set of associations to define my reality. Had I given it that definition, perhaps my body would have heard that intent and generated a series of more disturbing symptoms requiring immediate medical attention.

Seth, in Jane Robert’s channeling, spoke similarly of the sequencing of time, a proclivity of the intellect or the narrowing of the intellect into its rational mode to structure a world of cause and effect, with its sequencing of the day into logical components.

From this perspective, night is for sleeping. If I don’t sleep I will not rejuvenate; I will be tired and testy the next day. The other night I slept, by this logical definition, “poorly.” Yet, I resist this definition. I resist the instruction to my body to be groggy and unfocused.

The  known world distorted... - Photo by Jan Ketchel
The known world distorted…
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

I realize that I was treated to a journey outside time and space the other night. With each awakening I had the sensation of much time having passed, yet it hadn’t in “real time.” Despite my lucidity in dreaming, each time I awoke I could not orient myself in my room, regardless of my rational knowing of the layout. I was fully awake, but not in the room of my rational knowing. It was fascinating to walk about in such a “known” space with no sense of orientation. How relative reality really is!

I seek out disorientation; I intend it. Disorientation releases us from all the familiar places of our well-worn world where we have deposited the lion’s share of our energy to generate a known, definite world. The more I enter the portal of disorientation, the more I recover energy I once invested in living comfortably in a solid world. I find each time that I pick up increased freedom to journey beyond the narrow compound of reason.

Seth remarks that the intellect has far greater capacity than its logical reason. When the intellect is narrowed to logic, it cuts itself off from all the natural portals of information available to it from the multidimensional self, such as intuition that peers beyond the senses, to telepathy that reads the interconnected energy all around us, to clairvoyance that has access to information that can inform the present with future knowledge.

The shamanic key to these portals of experience is disorientation: the interruption of the typical flow of energy that defines our reality and suppresses our fuller potential.

The world is in free fall now, ever since the election of Obama. Obama’s rise to power interrupted the flow of world energy at the seat of world power—The White House—forever. It matters not that his ability to effectively govern has been so ridiculously undercut. Most important is the rupture to white power dominating the world. It’s like the rupture of the Catholic world with a retiring Pope. It just doesn’t happen that way!

Through the portal into the unknown! - Photo by Jan Ketchel
Through the portal into the unknown!
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

Who could have imagined gay marriage becoming the law of the land at this time? Who could have imagined the legalization of marijuana either, rapidly advancing through the land at this time? The wars rage throughout the world as the energy of change exhausts in destruction. Disorientation does destabilize, but it also opens the door to a more inclusive world, seeking now to find its way to new balance.

What a joy to be alive and participating in such an adventure of freedom and change as we traverse this portal of disorientation!

Breathe, stay calm and focused as you grip the wheel,