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Chuck’s Place: The Commodity of Attention

Where are you putting your attention, on the chaos or the calm?
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

Advertisers scramble for it. Politicians pay and compete for it. Children crave it. All of us long for it. More valuable than money itself is the commodity of attention. More important than anything  to the stock markets of the world, at the current moment, is where investors place their attention. Attention is the prime mover of humanity.

We enter the world at birth, archetypally programmed to receive  attention. Attention is critical for us to, literally, come on line. Without the attention of good enough receivers we perish soon after entry.

With the outside validation of attention, good or bad, our attention is cultivated to fill out our personality, as our inner nature is sculpted through the process of socialization. Our attention is consolidated into an identity, a consistent sense of self. ‘I’ is molded through the solidification of our commodity of attention.

In school we are taught to cultivate our attention, to focus it upon the task of learning and creating. This training introduces us to the power of attention that we all possess. However, we are also heavily constricted by the rules of how attention should be practiced and upon what it should be focused.

Our freedom to exercise our attention is highly controlled by forces seeking the energy of our attention to uphold the primacy of their own belief systems. Without the mass attention of believers, belief systems have no currency to influence the world.

The consensus reality we live in requires a critical mass of attention to remain solid. This consensus means that we give our attention in support of its premises and leadership. If we withdraw that support it loses the commodity that upholds it, our attention.

Attention is more powerful than a vote or the ability to win an argument. Attention is focused energy, a powerful commodity. When we develop our dreaming attention, we develop the ability to explore and consciously exist as a substantial, multifaceted being in many dimensions of life.

When we are in command of our attention in waking life we can navigate the world with ease. Meditation is nothing other than full command of one’s attention. Intent is immediately drawn to the beacon of our attention. To command attention is to command intent.

To simply give one’s full attention to the meal one is eating, void of conversation, outside stimulation, and internal dialogue, connects one deeply to the needs and workings of the body. One remains in- body, knows how long to chew, when to swallow and when the body has had enough. The power of this attention reshapes the body and heals its ailments. Yes, the power of attention in such a simple task can radically change one’s state of health.

Come into your full power. Cultivate and store your precious commodity of attention. Be mindful not to spend it all on social media or obsession with world dramas seeking to bind and steal your attention.

No one can ever take away your freedom to place your attention where you want without your consent. And with that freedom, and a critical mass of the commodity of attention, the possibilities for life in all worlds is exponential.

Happy Savings,


Soulbyte for Friday October 27, 2017

How do you expend your energy? Where are you putting your attention? Are you doing things that are good for you or are you doing things that deplete your energy stores? Learn to protect yourself from energy drains. Give yourself time to recharge, to replenish, to rejuvenate in good ways, for you are like a battery with a limited charge. You need rest. There comes a time when it is right to slow down, pull inward, and take care of yourself for a change. That time has come. Watch your energy.

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Chuck’s Place: It’s Time for Ego Refinement

Energy in action…
– Detail of Artwork by Jan Ketchel

We live in the most stupendous of times for ego development. From the moment we awaken each day we are barraged with outer world events, bodily needs, and an internal dialog which all clamor for our attention. Attention is where we employ our vital energy. Ego must decide in rapid succession how it will spend this vital energy.

Will our decisions enhance or deplete our energetic reserves? Will our decisions be in alignment with the state of our body? Will our decisions channel the deeper calling of our spirit? These are examples of the myriad of decisions the ego must make in our hyper, fast-paced, rapidly shifting modern world.

Ego has gotten a bad rap. This is largely because it is associated with enhancing one’s self-importance and outer-world possessions to the detriment of others, as well as to the detriment of the spirit. Indeed, ego can decide to employ the vital energy of the body and the spiritual self to its own aggrandizement.

In fact, perhaps the most exaggerated example of this attitude confronts us daily in the governance currently in power of our world. We all must face the real possibility of nuclear holocaust in the hands of such leadership, but here also lies the very heart of opportunity for the moment we live in.

We must all choose whether to spend our energy worrying about this fact, and this is an ego decision, or not. True, we must acknowledge the threat to our survival, the existential anxiety of pending destruction and disintegration, for not to do so would be to dissociate from our animal knowing of the real and present danger to our existence.

However, as the shamans discovered long ago, death is our greatest advisor. Knowing that we are beings who are going to die is our greatest support to stay awake and take full advantage of the opportunities of life in this dimension. The ego must decide what to do with this information.

The ego can employ the classic defense of denial and go about daily life as if nothing is different, all is predictable and unfolding as it should. Modern events, however, are really rattling this defense.

The ego could become concretely opportunistic, gobbling up power and wealth to enjoy its time here in material abundance, paying little heed to the side effects of its choices. Nature is dramatically confronting this attitude right now.

The ego might alternatively choose to face reality and attend to the impact of its animal knowing on its central nervous system through a variety of meditative and breathing practices.

Further, ego might turn its attention inward to the subtler energies of its spirit. These are the energies of manifestation, these are the energies of intent. These are the energetic pathways open to the evolving human. We all may glimpse them in the magical occurrences that frequently follow shortly after the loss of a loved one when, in heightened awareness, we are opened to the energetic possibilities of quantum connection.

Ego turning its attention materially toward outer control and accumulation are Old World technologies. It is obvious that from an evolutionary standpoint they are not favored. Don’t be fooled by the current last stand of the worst of these practices, they need to have their last dance.

We are being prompted now to discover life at a deeper energetic level. This entails tuning into the subtle energies of synchronicity and serendipity where the ego is presented with feedback and energetic possibilities that can guide life into truly sustainable evolutionary directions.

These are the amazing opportunities for ego refinement in our current volatile times. We are evolving into a  New World of energy as well as a world of concrete objects, a far more expansive world, with a wise ego at the helm.

In refinement,


A blog by Chuck Ketchel, LCSW-R

Readers of Infinity: Full Attention

Dear Jeanne and all of our guides in Infinity: What message of guidance do you offer us today?

Time to look up from your path and take in the wider view...

Stay connected to the bigger picture. Continually pull back out of the debris and details pointing to your inner work and your processes of growth and remind the self that there is a bigger story. You are on a journey, appointed a path of constant transition and transformation. Decide how you wish to traverse your path. It is appropriate to notice all that lies at your feet, but it is equally important to notice the sky above you and the horizon beyond you.

Take time each day to thank the self for taking the journey you are on. If you are lost in feelings so deep that you feel incapable of taking another step, you must quickly look up and regain your larger perspective.

It is only in constantly monitoring all aspects of life that one will gain the necessary tools to take the journey with full attention. Full attention means being aware of life’s journey as deeply meaningful, every part of it. Full attention means being aware that everything you have experienced in life so far and all that is to come is deeply meaningful. Full attention means shifting thoughts often, reminding the self that you are a transformational being on a transformational journey—at all times.

Full attention means accepting where you are right now as deeply meaningful and letting go of old ideas of the self so that you may discover the meaning for this moment in your life as a transformational being. Full attention means being aware that each moment is significant; each thought, feeling, emotion, regret and hope is significant in your transformational process. Full attention means never letting the true self be smothered by circumstances beyond your control. Instead, full attention requires mature presence of mind in constant balance with each moment and all that you must encounter in each moment.

A moment in time is infinite, containing infinite possibility. Full attention means grabbing onto that infinite possibility and allowing it to take you on your next step of your journey.

In full attention to all the details of life, as well as to the bigger picture, one has the opportunity to proceed along the path of transformation. Finally, while full attention asks for balance, it also asks you to accept the truths you now face. You must accept the truths of the self as they arise in order to move on into that horizon of infinite hope and possibility.

Like stacks of stones accept your truths as solid facts and then move on...

If you are stuck, caught somewhere along your path, you must come to your own rescue. Lift your head, look around you, accept your reality—the truths that batter you—and in so doing relieve yourself of the burden of them. With your eyes shifted in a new direction, take up your journey again and feel your way forward. Keep in mind that each step requires your full attention because each step you take is deeply meaningful and necessary.

Only you can discover just what meaning you are to discern from each step of your life’s journey. And only you, in full attention, have the power to transform your life as you proceed along the path that opens before you.

This is a week of commitment to the self, to life’s journey, and to taking it with your full attention and with awareness that you and every step, choice, thought, idea, truth and feeling you experience are deeply meaningful, revelatory, and absolutely necessary.

Begin today by lifting your head and looking around you, way beyond your normal circumstances and your normal point of view. Look far beyond your present life and your recent thoughts about the present self. Look at the sky above you and accept that you belong there in that life at this time. It’s up to you to take the journey to find out why.

Full attention means knowing that there is a reason for everything. Begin with knowing that you, a transformational being, are that reason. Accept your reality and then, in full attention, take the steps to change it. The power to change your life, to transform your reality, is in your hands.

Thank you Jeanne and our guides in Infinity! Channeled by Jan, most humbly and with love to you all as you journey onward.