Soulbyte for Tuesday August 30, 2022

                                              – Illustration © 2022 Jan Ketchel

Take care of yourself. Only you know what you really need, but if you don’t do the things you know you should do for yourself no one else will be of help either. You are responsible for you. There is no rescue except within the self by admitting that you know what you need and by taking the steps that you should take to help yourself. Most physical ills are caused by energy blockages, by stuck emotions, old ideas and beliefs that have stagnated and solidified. Trauma is a severe cause of trouble until faced and resolved. Take care of yourself as only you know how, with the pure and good intention to once and for all undo what needs undoing and getting into a new balance of good energy flow and inner calmness that is right for you. You know what to do.

Sending you love,
The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

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