Chuck’s Place: Intend To Ascend

Breathe the breath of  inspiration…
– Artwork © 2022 Jan Ketchel

To ascend is to realize one’s higher ideals in everyday life. To ascend is to invite Spirit into expression in the temple of the physical body.

The highest ideal is just to love. What blocks love is selfishness. Selfishness is living within the narrow confines of self-interest, essentially focused upon one’s physical comforts and physical survival needs, to the exclusion of the needs of others, as well as the intent of one’s own Spirit.

The physical body is the playing field of the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind expresses our karmic load in the features and workings of the physical body. The subconscious also houses our suppressed memories of experiences in the life we are currently in, in the organs and conditions of the physical body. The subconscious also holds the primal heartbeat of Spirit’s intent, seeking movement in physical expression.

However, the physical body is also the being who is going to die, therefore, from it issues the anxiety, worry, and preoccupation with survival. The physical body is our Earthly animal self, largely preoccupied with food, shelter, and comfort. Like our cherished pets, the physical body asks for tenderness and security to calm its panic around daily survival needs.

The physical body is the child within the self who seeks the reassurance of the parent, the ego mind, that everything will be OK, so that it can relax into a calm state of safety and expression. Short of this, the physical body remains tense and restless, riddling the parent mind with its fears, that generate obsessive thoughts of impending doom.

Frequently, the ego, as parent, becomes preoccupied with securing safety for this child panic state by piling up physical resources to placate its survival fears. This is where the ego is constantly obsessed with money: making, obtaining, or miserly coveting its accumulated reserves. This can also manifest in eating disorder issues, where the survival need of hunger dominates ego decision making.

Currently, we are witness to a war whose perpetrator’s intent is to devour and hoard a country to strengthen its own resource and personal defense. This is the child whose fears have become the parent’s mission to soothe, through the stealing of another’s property, with the justification of self-interest and survival.

Interestingly, the world is divided over the primacy of self-interest that expresses itself in indiscriminate human slaughter versus sacrifice and service, for the greater good of all. The former attitude can be characterized as a refusal to ascend. The latter attitude, the intent to ascend.

To ascend means ego opening and acquiescing to the promptings of its Godparent self, its High Spirit. Spirit is the home of that higher order of love for all, neighbor and self. Though ego was born to be housed in the temple of the physical body, its true parent is Spirit itself, who gave it life to perform its mission, from Spirit.

Typically, ego feels orphaned from its true Spirit. This is the side effect of being born with a blank slate, an imposed loss of memory of its divine origin. This is necessary for it to truly take on its assigned mission in the playing field of time and space, life and death in a physical body. Lacking the memory of its divine origin, ego becomes the little prince/princess of the personality, its Earthly domain, which includes the physical body.

Cynicism, the rational cornerstone of narcissism, is the worldview of an ego that lacks connection to, or completely denies, life beyond the physical body, in Spirit. Cynicism cannot rise above attachment to material love, as, from its perspective, matter is all there is. The only playing field for cynicism is love for one’s material conquests and acquisitions.

For egos ready to ascend, a loving, caring attitude of parental responsibility for the true needs of the physical body temple is primary. This can be achieved through many methods of breathing, meditation, chanting, and dance that calm the worried, mortal, physical body through direct contact with and expression of Spirit.

With the child of the body in its safe place, the ego is now free to open to the promptings of its own true parent self, its High Spirit.

Spirit sends dreams and synchronicities to nourish the spiritual needs of the body and the mind. Spirit sends visions and channels to teach the workings of higher love, as well as bathe the ego and body with the energy for loving movement and fulfillment. This is true inspirationin-spir(it)-a(c)tion!

Our world is slowly coming around to intend to ascend, as we suffer the atrocities of loveless actions. As individuals, we can hasten this collective inertia by intending to ascend through the responsible parenting of our bodies and to receiving the loving guidance of our Spirits. This work is our personal contribution to the world’s necessary intent to ascend.

With full intent to ascend,


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