Chuck’s Place: Inner Telekineses

Turn negativity positive…
– Artwork © 2022 Jan Ketchel

If we are observant enough, we might notice how even the subtlest thought we have registers in the body. If, when I hula hoop, I have the slightest doubt that I can do it, down it falls. Confidence is merely command of thought that then directs matter, in this case the body, to move and become one with the encircling hoop.

Thought is the energetic intent of mind. Mind resides in the subtle body of the soul. When we think, our subtle thoughts activate a magnetic energy that attracts similarly charged matter to reflect it in physical form. That magnetic energy of attraction is emotion, which ‘gives flesh’ to the intent of the selected thought.

Thus, for example, the people we attract to us reflect the thoughts we have about ourselves. People whom we resonate with mirror our known beliefs. People whom we bicker with might reflect thoughts we unknowingly harbor about ourselves, as we unwittingly attract these ‘undesirables’ into our energy field.

If you are frustrated by the quality of relationships in your life, explore deeply the thoughts operating in the shadows of your subconscious mind. Change your thoughts, change your relationships.

Biology defines kinesis as a movement of a cell or organism in response to a stimulus. Thought is the telekinetic stimulus that moves the cells in the body to generate the body conditions we live with. Some thoughts are genetically transmitted to the subconscious mind. They may be unconsciously generating physical limitations and illnesses with which we must contend.

Every time we state that we are what we are because of our ancestry, we reinforce these controlling thoughts in the subconscious mind. Beliefs are enshrined thoughts that cancel the possibility of new thoughts. Without an openness to new thoughts there is little possibility of change.

Thoughts exist in the subtle plane of the soul. Yes, thoughts innervate the glands and central nervous system that register and carry out the intent of thought, but the brain is really merely the hard drive of the mind’s intent.

Alzheimer’s reflects a deteriorating hard drive, yet the mind itself remains completely intact, albeit rarely able to express itself physically in accordance with its previously familiar identity. Communication with loved ones grappling with dementia might be more possible in dreaming, where two souls can communicate unencumbered by physical limitation.

Telekinesis with another person is the language of sex. The openness to receive and merge with another, physically, allows one’s feelings and thoughts to register in the body and soul of each other. This cross-connection is present, beyond the sexual act, when we send and receive thoughts and feelings of affection for others that register in sensations of lightness and tingling in the physical body, regardless of actual distance from each other.

Inner telekinesis is the essence of the life force that molds our physical postures and activities. What we tell ourselves, we do and become. Unconscious thoughts that we internalize, or inherit, automatically shape the direction of our lives.

In recapitulation, we free ourselves from controlling thoughts generated from both experience and heritage. In meditation, we develop the ability to control where we put our attention. As subtle beings, thoughts, though invisible, completely surround us.

Our personal power lies in our latent ability to choose which thoughts we will engage, which simply means, think about. The secret to developing this ability is to not argue with disturbing thoughts. To enter into argument is to give energy, via attention, to the unwanted thought.

Acknowledge the thought, and then announce disengagement from it by shifting your attention to your breath perhaps, or some other desired focus. You defeat a thought’s power by not engaging it. Or, if already engaged, by disengaging from it, rather than being possessed by it, as you try to prove it wrong. Ego beware!

We are all telekinetically gifted. Inner telekinesis is our birthright. Our lives are spiritually advanced whenever we select the thoughts of our Spirit as our life-shaping mantras.

May we all select the intent of love as our guiding thought, as we intend full healing to our challenged world.



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