Readers of Infinity: Be Different Today

Greet the world with calmness and the world will greet you back with calmness too!

Dear Jeanne and our Guides in Infinity: What message do you have for us today?

Do not be afraid to be who you are, to fully embrace your own spirit’s yearning for life and expression. Do not hold back the inner self, for that is the real you. Be who you are without fear and know that you, in full expression, will be received.

Embrace the true self more fully each day. As you grow and discover who you truly are, find solace in knowing that life experienced from true self is life enhanced and life enjoyed.

It is not an easy process to take inner self out into the world, but this is what the world now needs on a grand scale. If more people lived from their heart’s knowing, in balance with their head’s knowing, the world would have a chance to survive.

Are you saying that the world will not survive as it now is?

Greed and overconsumption, corruption and destruction, inconsideration and unkindness—all negative energies—continue to override good energy and the situation grows increasingly dire as time goes on.

There is not much time now for the goodhearted, compassionate ones to gain the upper hand. It is not for lack of trying or lack of intent, but only due to the imbalances the have had centuries of headway. Do not lose hope for change. The earth and nature itself have a way of taking care of such extremes of human indifference and ignorance, but do not wait for that to happen. Aid rightness by becoming a compassionate, honest, kind, and heart-acting person. It is the right way to be.

Find the means to rid the self of all negative feelings, emotions, thoughts, judgments, and ideas. Life is full of suffering, personal and impersonal, yet in shifting away from negative attachments life itself changes from one of suffering to one of joy and hope. Release the self from an old way of being present in life and be more open each day now to a new way of being present. Through a process of deep inner work and self-investigation work through the issues that bind you to an old self and old ideas of self and the world. That’s a very good beginning. Start with open eyes, open heart, and open head and ask for others to take full responsibility for themselves even as you take full responsibility for yourself. Be open to something new today by being different yourself, and see what happens.

Be as fully responsible for the self as the baby fox we watched in the woods, hunting and taking on life without fear.

Your journeys are marked so that you may learn new things. Study how your marks have come to guide you, the signposts of your life leading you to where you are now. Grant yourself permission to accept the journey you have been on as transformative, because it is! Now look to the next leg of it as transformative as well, and take it in full awareness.

Do you want your journey to be a sad and lonely one, or a journey of joy and love? It really is your choice, because how you choose to present yourself to the world depends on how the world presents itself to you. If you are angry the world will greet you with anger. If you are full of fear the world will become fear-infested. If you are happy the world will be a happy place. Test this theory for yourself and see what happens. Try a new method of greeting the day, and with a new intent set out on your day’s journey. Expect change by presenting a changed self and you will see that a changed world greets you back. It really does work!

Good Luck. I advocate taking control of your dreams by embracing your true self and asking that self to walk in your shoes now. With awareness be different, so that the world may also be different. Change will happen anyway, but each one of you can change things for the better, for man and earth, for self and other, for inner and outer balance. It’s your choice, but I contend that it is also your duty as a human being living during this changing time. Change the self, save the world from disaster. Don’t be afraid to live from the heart. Don’t wait another day. The time for change is NOW.

Thank you for this message! Most humbly channeled by Jan Ketchel.

Chuck’s Place: Achieving A Quiet Heart

Achieving a quiet heart...

What did Buddha really go through as he sat for 49 days beneath the bodhi tree, intent upon achieving a quiet heart? As he sat, his petty tyrant helper, Mara, projected a rapid-fire succession of intense scenes before his eyes, provoking feelings of lust, sadness, terror and rage. Buddha’s challenge was to remain fully open to his experiences and simultaneously arrive at the place of a quiet heart.

A quiet heart is the place of groundlessness. In groundlessness nothing is rejected, the full experience is felt and known. There is no attempt to “get grounded,” no need to “attach” to something to stop the action and restore control. Nothing in the flow of images or evoked feelings has the power to interrupt full presence, full awareness, and full living in the present moment.

No wonder it took Buddha 49 days of nonstop sitting to fully achieve a quiet heart, the groundlessness of “enlightenment.” That is, 49 days on top of years of prior training. We should all keep this humbly in mind as we face the deep challenge of recapitulation. It’s a process! Here are some of the major components of that process to keep in mind: that every journey is unique, with its own components.

As with Buddha’s quest, the goal of recapitulation is to achieve a quiet heart amidst the parade of truths and myths of life lived, as they present themselves in the form of memories, bodily sensations, emotions, and beliefs. Can we stay fully present with the images that appear, whether slowly collecting or rapidly firing, as memories coagulate and come into sharper focus? Can we stay fully present with the physical sensations, at times so subtle as to be dismissed, at other times excruciatingly painful or pleasurable? Can we stay fully present with journeys of disintegration, dissociation, blackout, the terror of pending death, times of dissolution and altered awareness? Can we stay fully present with emotions that have been sealed away for a lifetime, that come coursing from the heart like a raging river, a current of energy that leaps across synapses of never-used neurons along the motherboard of the spinal column?

Can we sit with quiet heart no matter what comes?

Can we stay fully present with overloaded, interrupted circuits—physically painful, emotional misfirings? Can we allow the pent up energy of emotion and sensation to release through the breath, the tear ducts, the voice, the genitals?

Can we be fully present with the voices of old beliefs, constructions that defended the selves of bygone years? And, finally, like the Buddha, can we be fully present with the fullness of the experience with a quiet heart, with no attachments or need to stop the show? Can we be fully present in groundlessness that fully opens us to enlightened life?

We must remember that Buddha spent countless hours encountering and honing these components of recapitulation before he achieved the quiet heart that allowed him to step into groundlessness.

We must be patient and nurturing as the heart unlocks its feelings, as the body releases its memories, as our newly discovered neurons stretch and grow in order to carry and release our long pent-up energies.

Enlightenment awaits in the form of new, fully present life—NOW. And that means life unfiltered by the vicissitudes of the past, energy freed and restored, fully present, ready to live NOW.


A Day in a Life: The World’s Biggest Baby—A Fairy Tale

A fairy tale house in the woods...

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who lived with her mother and father and many siblings in a house in the woods. Each morning before dawn the father would get up and go to work at his job in the city and he would not return again until after dark each night. Every day the mother stayed at home with the children. The children were quiet and obedient because that was what their mother expected of them. Anyone passing by the house in the woods would never have known that the house was filled with children, for they never made a sound, they knew better. That’s just the way it was.

One day, when the girl was nine, her mother locked herself in her room and would not come out. The girl could hear her father at the bedroom door pleading with the mother to come out, to not be angry, but the mother only screamed that she would never come out! The little girl went to the door of her parent’s bedroom and, pushing her father aside, told her mother to come out at once.

“We need you to be our mother,” she said, but the mother refused. And so the little girl became the mother that day. She took care of the other children, cooked for them and her father, cleaned the house and went to bed an exhausted little mother. The next day, to the little girl’s great relief, the mother came out of her room and carried on as if nothing had ever happened. That’s just the way it was.

Not long after that a new baby was expected in the family. The little girl was very excited about this new baby. “When will it be born?” she wondered. “Who knows,” said the father. There were many emergency trips to the hospital, but the mother always returned home to wait a little longer for the new baby to come. One night, the father told the little girl that he was taking the mother to the hospital again and that she was in charge of taking care of all the other children until they got back.

The next morning the little girl woke to hear her father coming in the door, looking tired and bedraggled. “Is there a baby?” the girl asked, all excited. “What was it? A boy or girl?” The father, in a dead tone of voice, as if it were not the most important and exciting thing in the world, simply replied, “Oh, a boy.” And he went into his bedroom and fell fast asleep on his bed while the little girl kept everyone else happy and quiet. That’s just the way it was.

Later in the day, when the father awoke, the little girl asked him questions about the new baby. “Where will it sleep and where are its clothes?” she asked, for she saw that no preparations for this new baby had been made. She made the father climb the rickety ladder to the spider-filled attic and get the old, dusty, baby bassinet down. She told him it had to be cleaned and when he stood there helplessly, his hands hanging at his side, doing nothing, she took over. In spite of her fears of spiders she cleaned and scrubbed that bassinet until it shown. After that, she found sheets and baby blankets and made it up so the new baby would have a place to sleep. Next, she asked the father to help her find the old baby clothes, but he did not know where to look. “Don’t worry,” she said, “I’ll take care of it.” And so she did. The girl did all of this because she knew if she didn’t no one would, and that’s just the way it was.

On the day the new baby came home from the hospital, one of her brothers claimed him as his own, for the baby was coming home on his birthday. The little girl let this pass, knowing that the baby was really hers, for she was the only one preparing for its entry into the family and she felt a special bond and great tenderness for this new baby. She vowed that she would be a good big sister to it and so she was.

Pouty big baby...

As time went on and the girl became more observant of the family dynamics, she began to notice that the mother had many tantrums, that she spent a lot of time fuming in her room with the door locked, that she rarely left the house. The girl noticed that she was not like other mothers. It was extremely rare for the mother to attend a school function or accompany her children to extra curricular activities or even encourage them to express themselves. She liked things to be predictable, her children to be quiet and everything perfect. She did not like others to ask things of her, but if she wanted something she demanded it be so, and so it was.

The mother did not drive and so as soon as the girl got her driver’s license she became the mother’s chauffeur, taking her on trips to visit people and places at the mother’s whim, sometimes great distances away. She took care of the younger children on these trips, keeping them quiet and preoccupied while the mother attended museum exhibits, tea parties and bridge club meetings, while the father was away in the city. The girl accepted these assignments, because that’s just the way it was.

The girl grew up and left home. With great relief she left the house in the woods and all her duties as little mother and went off on her own adventures. Eventually, she got married and became a mother herself. Whenever she took her children to visit their grandmother she took note of how distant and uninterested the grandmother, her mother, seemed to be to the people around her. Her interactions with her grandchildren were brief and then she’d shut herself off in her own world, literally turning her back on those around her to pick up a book or disappear into another room. “That’s just the way she is,” the girl thought, “it’s how she’s always been.”

After the girl’s father died, the elderly mother grew increasingly dependent upon her daughter. The girl began to remember her life as the child of this woman as she took on the role of chauffeur once again. Without complaint, she quietly attended to her mother as she had once done as a child and teenager. One day, as she was chauffeuring the mother around as usual, the girl, to make polite conversation, asked a simple question. The mother, for some unknown reason responded with an angry retort which escalated within seconds into a full blown tantrum. Screaming at the girl in a bitter and condescending tone, insinuating that she was a stupid idiot, the mother unleashed a fury of pent up anger. The girl, much taken aback, looked at the mother as clarity struck. “Oh, My God!” the girl thought to herself. “You are the World’s Biggest Baby! You are a f***ing big baby!”

The World's Biggest Baby

A voice in her head told her to let this truth stand, and thus she refused to take responsibility for her mother’s outburst. She did not allow herself to take the insinuation personally, nor did she make excuses for her mother as was her usual tactic. For rather than let herself feel the full impact of the mother she had gotten in life, she often toned down the reality of who she really was, sensitively striving to see her as just another human being struggling to make sense of her journey. But this time the girl let the full impact hit her: her mother was indeed the World’s Biggest Baby, she always had been, and she was not a very nice person, either! And that’s just how it was!

In a rush of insight, her whole relationship with her mother suddenly made sense, her whole upbringing and her childhood in the house in the woods made perfect sense. She had indeed been the little mother while her own mother lived out her entire life as a big baby, tantruming, demanding and refusing to grow up.

More fully liberated from this big baby mother than ever before, she continued to chant, first silently to herself and then out loud as she drove away from her mother. “You are a big baby! You are the World’s Biggest Baby!” Shouting it out for the whole world to hear, she drove down the street happy and free at last, knowing that it was just the way it was!

The moral of the story is, don’t get caught in thinking that you have any responsibility for how your own mother acts in the world, for she is living out her own necessary life and—until and if she chooses to change—she will live it to the fullest. She may, in fact, just be another World’s Biggest Baby! And that may just be the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth!

Just telling the truth, like it is,


Readers of Infinity: A New Day

Here is today’s channeled message from Jeanne and all of our guides in Infinity.

What do you see?

Set your intent to see and experience life differently today. Tweak your perspective, allowing your outlook, and even your very eyes to perceive differently. This intent, if practiced with awareness, will help you greatly.

From this new viewpoint, turn down the old self and the old points of view and allow life itself to fill your awareness with new information. Be open to what comes and without judgment let things pass that might once have stirred you to anger, resentment, or regret. Abide in calmness, unattached to the known world, and with openness let something new into your knowing.

With awareness of the new energy now upon you, awareness of your new place in the world, awareness of a new path unfolding—simply because it is time and you are ready—let yourself be open to accepting your gifts from nature and the universe. Shift your personal intent today to one of gratitude and purpose, to one of openness, and let go of something that holds you in its grip, for it is appropriate to do so.

No matter who you are, where you are, or how you have lived your life, it is time to let go of something that has held you back and make room for something that will catapult you forward.

Life itself will show you the way, for it has a special knack for knowing just what you might need and just when is the perfect time. So be aware today, and then use your intent to accept this gift of awareness as you experience today from a new perspective, and then let something go. It’s that easy!

Channeled by Jan, with humbleness and thankfulness for all the gifts of nature and the universe.

Chuck’s Place: The Main Attraction: NOW

The energetic wisdom of now...

We are overwhelmed with instructions. We hunger to do it right even when we are addicted to doing it wrong. Hard not to appreciate and value ancient traditions that have honed techniques over generations. How can our knowing and growing compete with that knowledge when we’ve only this one brief moment to live? At least as far as our rationality informs us, that is.

I do value ancient knowledge. Yoga, meditation, magical passes, martial arts—those traditions are indeed imbued with the intent of generations of living beings. To partake in those traditions is to tap into a river of energy that flows into deeper knowing of self. This is not a cognitive truth, this is a living truth, available to anyone willing to step into that river of energy through persistent disciplined practice.

On the other hand, we are the beings alive at this time. We are center stage. It’s our moment to be in this world and to discover life through our own direct experience of being alive, in our bodies, NOW.

I thank everyone who came before. I thank everyone who has remained behind to teach. But it’s my responsibility to discover what it means to be alive in this life, at this time.

This is our opportunity for direct experience with living. This is our opportunity to encounter the unique energetic configuration of Now. How do I greet it? How do I be with it? Where do I go with it? I am responsible for evolution.

Can I experience this energetic configuration?

Energy wants to go where it has never been. Energy seeks new life. Energy abhors boredom. We are on the cutting edge of new possibility in this world, in this life, in the bodies we are in, right Now.

This simple truth packs a powerful wallop. It grips us with fear. How could it be otherwise? To allow ourselves to flow freely into the unknown—into the never-known—is truly awesome. How natural to fall back into self-doubt, into judgment, into the wisdom and guidance of the Holy Ones who have gone before.

We counter our fears with socialized structures, giant monuments of the past to house our souls. We forget, however, that those structures are not immortal. They are relics, wisdom of other times, of other energetic configurations. They can only take us so far in our encounters with the unique energetic configurations of Now.

The more we attach to the solutions of other times, the more we distance ourselves from our own direct experience of Now and the unique energetic configuration of our time. We miss the show and then, before we know it, it’s lights out!

Can I flow with the breath of now?

Ancient wisdom has informed us of the value of the breath. I say, thanks for that hint! Now I must ask myself: What is my relationship to my own breath, right now, in this energetic moment that I live in? Can I turn my awareness to the house of fear deep within the abdomen, for instance? Forgetting all the rules, all the systems, all the instructions in breathing and mindfulness practices, can I simply be in my body in this moment, acknowledging that fear? Can I loosen its grip, expand its horizons with ever-deepening breath? Can I do this with no rules, no set-aside time, no goals, no objectives other than simply being present, deeply in my body, at the main attraction—NOW?

Present NOW,