Readers of Infinity: Be Different Today

Greet the world with calmness and the world will greet you back with calmness too!

Dear Jeanne and our Guides in Infinity: What message do you have for us today?

Do not be afraid to be who you are, to fully embrace your own spirit’s yearning for life and expression. Do not hold back the inner self, for that is the real you. Be who you are without fear and know that you, in full expression, will be received.

Embrace the true self more fully each day. As you grow and discover who you truly are, find solace in knowing that life experienced from true self is life enhanced and life enjoyed.

It is not an easy process to take inner self out into the world, but this is what the world now needs on a grand scale. If more people lived from their heart’s knowing, in balance with their head’s knowing, the world would have a chance to survive.

Are you saying that the world will not survive as it now is?

Greed and overconsumption, corruption and destruction, inconsideration and unkindness—all negative energies—continue to override good energy and the situation grows increasingly dire as time goes on.

There is not much time now for the goodhearted, compassionate ones to gain the upper hand. It is not for lack of trying or lack of intent, but only due to the imbalances the have had centuries of headway. Do not lose hope for change. The earth and nature itself have a way of taking care of such extremes of human indifference and ignorance, but do not wait for that to happen. Aid rightness by becoming a compassionate, honest, kind, and heart-acting person. It is the right way to be.

Find the means to rid the self of all negative feelings, emotions, thoughts, judgments, and ideas. Life is full of suffering, personal and impersonal, yet in shifting away from negative attachments life itself changes from one of suffering to one of joy and hope. Release the self from an old way of being present in life and be more open each day now to a new way of being present. Through a process of deep inner work and self-investigation work through the issues that bind you to an old self and old ideas of self and the world. That’s a very good beginning. Start with open eyes, open heart, and open head and ask for others to take full responsibility for themselves even as you take full responsibility for yourself. Be open to something new today by being different yourself, and see what happens.

Be as fully responsible for the self as the baby fox we watched in the woods, hunting and taking on life without fear.

Your journeys are marked so that you may learn new things. Study how your marks have come to guide you, the signposts of your life leading you to where you are now. Grant yourself permission to accept the journey you have been on as transformative, because it is! Now look to the next leg of it as transformative as well, and take it in full awareness.

Do you want your journey to be a sad and lonely one, or a journey of joy and love? It really is your choice, because how you choose to present yourself to the world depends on how the world presents itself to you. If you are angry the world will greet you with anger. If you are full of fear the world will become fear-infested. If you are happy the world will be a happy place. Test this theory for yourself and see what happens. Try a new method of greeting the day, and with a new intent set out on your day’s journey. Expect change by presenting a changed self and you will see that a changed world greets you back. It really does work!

Good Luck. I advocate taking control of your dreams by embracing your true self and asking that self to walk in your shoes now. With awareness be different, so that the world may also be different. Change will happen anyway, but each one of you can change things for the better, for man and earth, for self and other, for inner and outer balance. It’s your choice, but I contend that it is also your duty as a human being living during this changing time. Change the self, save the world from disaster. Don’t be afraid to live from the heart. Don’t wait another day. The time for change is NOW.

Thank you for this message! Most humbly channeled by Jan Ketchel.

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