Readers of Infinity: A New Day

Here is today’s channeled message from Jeanne and all of our guides in Infinity.

What do you see?

Set your intent to see and experience life differently today. Tweak your perspective, allowing your outlook, and even your very eyes to perceive differently. This intent, if practiced with awareness, will help you greatly.

From this new viewpoint, turn down the old self and the old points of view and allow life itself to fill your awareness with new information. Be open to what comes and without judgment let things pass that might once have stirred you to anger, resentment, or regret. Abide in calmness, unattached to the known world, and with openness let something new into your knowing.

With awareness of the new energy now upon you, awareness of your new place in the world, awareness of a new path unfolding—simply because it is time and you are ready—let yourself be open to accepting your gifts from nature and the universe. Shift your personal intent today to one of gratitude and purpose, to one of openness, and let go of something that holds you in its grip, for it is appropriate to do so.

No matter who you are, where you are, or how you have lived your life, it is time to let go of something that has held you back and make room for something that will catapult you forward.

Life itself will show you the way, for it has a special knack for knowing just what you might need and just when is the perfect time. So be aware today, and then use your intent to accept this gift of awareness as you experience today from a new perspective, and then let something go. It’s that easy!

Channeled by Jan, with humbleness and thankfulness for all the gifts of nature and the universe.

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