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Soulbyte for Monday December 17, 2018

Moderation brings stability, stability brings peace. When all seems hopeless and impossible, turn inward and get into a new alignment that will set you upon a new path to moderation in all things. Find thus balance and calmness, knowing that all will be well when you are in charge, when you have mastered that which challenges and imposes upon you, that which circumnavigates the real issues and leaves you feeling dizzy and hopeless, spinning out of control while you watch life’s possibilities passing you by. Turn inward and grab ahold of yourself in a new way and with gentle modulation tell it like it is—be honest—and then decide a new plan of moderation in all things. Before you know it inner moderation will lead to a new inner stability and that new inner stability will lead to inner peace. Begin now and achieve stable peace now too.

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Readers of Infinity: Align Your Two Selves

Today, I asked Jeanne: What is the most important message for us to receive and work with this week?

Here is her answer:

In nature's intent we observe the slow and steady path to achieving the perfect delicate balance... -Photo by Jan Ketchel
In nature’s intent we observe the slow and steady path to achieving the perfect delicate balance…
-Photo by Jan Ketchel

Adhere not to the principles of old, but find, through your own inner guidance, that which is most important for you personally to adhere to. As you take your next step, stop a moment. Pause, and let your inner voice be heard. It will direct you to what is most important.

Do not rush blindly ahead, but take life one step at a time, in conscious alignment with your eagerness and your drive. Just because life flows at a fast pace outside of you, does not mean that it is right to engage, or the right flow for you to step into now. Test the waters of the energy outside of you, but don’t forget to take a long pause and really feel what is happening inside before you decide to jump in. That’s where the answers you seek lie, inside, where the direction you must take lies as well.

Detach a little bit more from what is outside and be open to what is being suggested inside. Follow the guidance of your heart. Begin to more fully navigate life from this place of calm knowing, and life will meet you in the calm rivers of spirit, in alignment with inner truth and outer reality, the ultimate goal of life as it is lived upon that earth. Once you achieve this calm alignment in that world, your seeking spirit will find its own means of taking you further, beyond that reality, in its own way.

Align your two selves now with greater intent, and greater ease of navigation will naturally follow. Decide how you wish to live your life and take the steps to achieve this. This will take some discipline. Though those steps may be slow and painful, though you may stumble often, look always for the next sign along your path to direct you onward.

The signs are there. Whether you are on the right path or not, the signs are there. They will tell you to go ahead or they will tell you to change direction, but they are there.

Patience, intent, and constant realignment of spirit in the flow of everyday life are all you need.

Go the distance now. See what happens!