Soulbyte for Friday March 10, 2023

-Illustration © 2023 Jan Ketchel

Life has its rituals and patterns that seem to need attention, especially those attached to family and the expectations of society. But life also, in its evolutionary phase, may require the breaking away from those rituals and patterns so that individuality may be achieved. Individuality involves the evolution of the inner spirit, which may indeed involve breaking away from the constraints of society to discover its true purpose. Rituals uphold and frame life, but at a certain point it may be time to make them less important and to turn instead to what is really needed by the spirit in its intent to evolve. This may involve a period of solitary endeavor, such as recapitulation, in order to resolve old issues that hold the spirit captive. A solitary retreat, even for a few days, may hold the gold that you and your spirit seek.

Sending you love,
The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

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