Soulbyte for Thursday May 6, 2021

Change may happen slowly or it may happen all at once, abruptly and unexpectedly. Just as Nature exhibits both the slow and steady progress of change so does it exhibit how abrupt change comes and changes irrevocably. Know that both kinds of change are in every life, that even your own contains the slow and the abrupt, that the Universe is taking care of you so that change is always underway. When you are ready the abrupt will come to catapult you forward. When you are ready you will know what to do, and great changes will produce the new fixtures in your life, until the next changes come, for change is a constant you can count on. Remain aware that everything is possible, that your path of heart is indeed unfolding each day in slow and steady as well as abrupt and unexpected ways. Such is life. There is always something new on the horizon.

Sending you love,
The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

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