Soulbyte for Wednesday August 26, 2020

Remain attached to the messages from the heart, the truths that love, kindness, compassion, respect and honesty are the tickets to finding the way to inner peace and calmness, as well as peace and calmness in the world you live in. There is no truth in dishonesty, disrespect, hatred, fear, and divisiveness. The heart seeks to unify not destroy. The heart brings people together with love as its healing medicine, with kindness as its energy of choice, with compassion for all beings as its homegrown message. Let the soft healing heart not the hard head full of strange ideas guide you now, as the world makes a radical shift to correct that which needs correction. Remain heart centered and loving in these times of great need, and for all of your days as well.

Sending you love,

The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

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