Soulbyte for Wednesday August 12, 2020

When the spirit is far removed from the body, unknown and unacknowledged, there is no connection to the true reality of the duality of the human self. When spirit lies at a disconnect from the body, the ego, the narcissistic self rules and thus pain and suffering will ensue. Without spirit the simplest and most basic necessities of loving kindness and compassion will also be at a distance. But an individual can bring them back to life through concerted effort to reconnect body self and spirit self. Begin with the breath of life, stirring the heart awake so that the body may feel its own heart beating and know it as more than just biological, for the heart is the connection to spirit, to Soul, to all that is. Find that connection and all will be well again, within and without.

Sending you love,
The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

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