Soulbyte for Wednesday May 13, 2020

Look to nature for guidance, to know when it is right to do something or not. Watch the slow incremental unfolding of nature bringing forth new life. Without hurry, impatience, or frustration, nature is steady and sure. What happens will happen in its own time, nature shows, without interference or intervention, simply because it is time. The moon in its phases does not alter. The sun in its rising comes forth daily and in its setting leaves again, just as life comes and goes. In nature all things come to pass. A warrior knows this and is always prepared. And yet a warrior studies nature, cautiously and carefully waiting for the signs that say it is time. A warrior learns how things work, so that nothing is unexpected or a surprise. A warrior accepts everything as it comes, in its time, one moment and one day at a time.

Sending you love,

The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

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