Soulbyte for Thursday November 7, 2019

Return to loving feelings of kindness, actions of compassion, parting the veils of disillusion to create a new world worth abiding in. With loving kindness include all beings, all peoples, all races in your new world, for you know that all beings are of the same spiritual matter and that all beings matter equally. This is your knowledge of truth and the knowledge by which to build anew, that all beings are spiritual beings composed of the same spiritual substance, energetic beings of energetic matter. Respect, inclusivity, maturity, responsibility, and loving kindness are the bedrock on which to build anew. Do this first within the self, bringing this knowledge of truth to bear upon your own life. Within yourself suspend judgments, face your old ideas of self and other, and clear the way to a new world order, within. Then bring this knowledge with you into the world and act upon it wherever  you roam.

Sending you love,

The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

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