Soulbyte for Tuesday March 26, 2019

A true warrior’s path is always a path of heart. A warrior tracks the signs and synchronicities, the energy, the telltale leavings of others that reveal what is needed to be known and done. A warrior is always on the alert, aware that everything is in constant motion. A warrior knows that at a moment’s notice a shift might need to be made, and so a warrior is always prepared. Remember that you have already come so far along your own path of heart, that you have done the good work of a warrior. To continue, call upon your warrior self. When you are uncertain, your warrior self knows how to track and navigate, how to take the next step boldly and with certainty, and how to move on when it is time, without attachment, eager for what is to come. Be guided by your inner warrior during times of stress and strife, as well as during times of lull and relaxation. Always be guided by this inner warrior, who is strong and determined but also loving and kind and compassionate. Let your warrior’s heart show you the way along your own path of heart. Your heart really does know the way.

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

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