Soulbyte for Wednesday August 15, 2018

Create a container into which you can escape for moments alone, for moments of meditation to calm the mind, for moments of writing to express what is inside you, for moments of solitude in which to simply be your true self. In calm containment with the true self let everything be known and accepted for what it is. Keep this true knowing acceptance of yourself in your awareness as you emerge from containment, keeping it safe within, a light to guide you forward on your journey. With steady purpose, be your true self as much as possible, contained and uncontained, within and without. Let your journey unfold with your full presence and participation from now on, letting yourself in on the secret that everything is right, just as it is. In containment find your truth and then live it to the fullest, without fear. That’s a life worth living. Do it with joy and tenacity, with love and compassion, and with all you’ve got!

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

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