#198 The Coming Days Bode Well for Inner Quiet and Work on the Self

We continue to invite all of our readers to download The Book of Us, offered for free, on the Store page of this website. In addition, we wish to express out deepest gratitude to all who have e-mailed, sharing the profound impact this book is having on their lives. We invite you all to send your honest reactions upon reading The Book of Us, and greatly appreciate being advised of any grammatical, editorial, or technical mishaps you might notice.

Chuck Ketchel and Jan Ketchel

Here is the message for today:

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message of guidance for us all today?

Find your equilibrium now as you settle down upon your two feet, firmly planted, as the silent flurry of the energy of the past few days and weeks wanes. Do not remain caught by that which attached to you during that time, but disentangle and detach your self from the sneaking disquiet of it. For it did lodge inside you as a result of unawareness and because it found an opening, but it does not necessarily belong to you or belong in you. Dispense with it now as you return to solid awareness and knowing, re-seeking your resonance, your inner hum of content, that you now recognize and desire; your inner self in calm balance.

That which perhaps has entered your vast system, seeking energetic consumption, and causing disruption, must now be put aside. Disperse it from your energy field by now taking in only calm energy, and by firmly connecting to your core inner self where only truth awaits. Allow doubts, disbeliefs, and disparate thoughts that leave only discomfort in your space of inner quiet to be released now as the energy passes into a calmer mode. The coming days bode well for inner quiet and work on the self. Land now firmly upon your feet, allow the dust to settle, and in calm resolve look around you with eyes wide open, taking in what you have learned, now discovered about your own seeking self, and contemplate the meaning of your life, and your experiences, from this day forth. Where is your resonance inside you? Where is its reply outside of you? Where is your center directing you to move next? What does your inner you say about your truths now, after you have encountered this last energetic push?

As I suggest, you will all do well to take time for quiet perusal of your inner being, and ask poignant and direct questions of meaningful content that your inner self is fully capable of answering truthfully now. Allow your ears to hear, your resonance to respond, and your ego self to accept the spoken truths that await your discovery and your acknowledgment.

Go steadily, calmly forward now, aware of your own progress, for even as you may have been confronted with displeasure or discontent so have you also been confronted with truth, and this is what you seek to discover. Underneath all that disturbs lies the truth. That is what you must find now. And then find out what it truly means as you continue your growth, and your evolution, and your true journey in that life.

#197 Be Sensitive to what is Seeking Your Attention

We continue to invite all of our readers to download The Book of Us, offered for free, on the Store page of this website. In addition, we wish to express out deepest gratitude to all who have e-mailed, sharing the profound impact this book is having on their lives. We invite you all to send your honest reactions upon reading The Book of Us, and greatly appreciate being advised of any grammatical, editorial, or technical mishaps you might notice.

Chuck Ketchel and Jan Ketchel

Here is the message for today:

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message of guidance for all of humanity today?

The energy does urge you to be keenly aware, for though it sits heavily, is it in hiding, not completely revealing itself to you as it sometimes does. Its actions are covert, and require alertness in order to avoid its distracting tendencies to invade and consume your own energy, and your focus and attention, stealing from you as a thief in the night does steal from you.

This kind of energy, though not outright destructive, does have a tendency to sit and await an opening, and once in can wreak havoc because you are unaware that it has entered your energy field until it is too late. Be sensitive to what is seeking your attention. Remain alert to your own tendencies of slouchy awareness, and negligence in paying attention to your surroundings. These surroundings include, not only your physical environment, but your ego self as well. This ego self encases you in a state of human desire that must be monitored so that you do not lose your ultimate state of balance that remains your most necessary attribute.

To remain in balance, fully aware of your ego self, your outer world, and equally attentive to the work of the inner self, is your challenge now. All of this is being played out on a very subtle level. Do not attach to fear, or the old habit of hiding from your challenges, but instead engage your new skills. Just be aware of the subtle, barely noticeable ripples of energetic discontent and hunger that now do circulate and seek attention and entry to your energy source.

By noting the presence of such energy, but remaining unattached to it, do you smoothly sail through this time of energetic confluence that so desperately seeks acknowledgment. But avoid looking at it for too long, avoid putting your attention upon it, and avoid being caught by it or surprised by it. Use you skills to rid your nearness of such clingy energy. Throw it off as soon as you realize it has attached. You are in charge of your life, and you are responsible for maintaining your balanced, calm state. I offer you this awareness of such energy, but then it is up to you to master it.

Good luck. Today, my dears, is the turning point. After this day, will things change for the better. Get through this unscathed, and feel good enough about your own progress to pat yourself on the back for a job well done!

#196 Be Observant and Aware

We continue to invite all of our readers to download The Book of Us, offered for free, on the Store page of this website. In addition, we wish to express out deepest gratitude to all who have e-mailed, sharing the profound impact this book is having on their lives. We invite you all to send your honest reactions upon reading The Book of Us, and greatly appreciate being advised of any grammatical, editorial, or technical mishaps you might notice.

Chuck Ketchel and Jan Ketchel

Here is the message for today:

Dear Jeanne,
What is the message for today?

Continue your work upon the deeper meaning of life, abiding by the rules of conduct for a seeker of such clarification. Do not overload with too much thinking, but be observant and aware of your environment, both inside you and outside you. As I spoke yesterday, the energy lies but a little heavily upon your shoulders now, seeking entry in order to sabotage your good intent and your focus upon your path. Do not allow it to slip in the cracks, or through an open door, for once in will it wreak havoc with your attention and your energy. Maintain your focus upon keeping balanced, and focused on the work most suited to where you now reside in your life and inside your self. By this I mean, accept your place in life, and accept your self as you now are, so that you may be able to move on and grow.

Acceptance of the self first will enable you to be most truthful in your work upon the self. Your inner work requires much confrontation, and truthful encounters, and this is best done if in a state of acceptance, with the caveat that you are indeed on the road to change and growth, on a new road, where new adventures await because you have made the decision to embark on a new journey, fully aware that your job now is to be utterly honest and naked, standing in your truth, your place of vulnerability, and totally available so that no aspect of the self is left uncovered.

Be aware today, and for the next few days, that diversions await you at every turn, at every street corner, and at every step along your path. Pay not attention to the hungry beggars, the sorry souls who propose a variety of enticements, and who seek to engage you in conversations that will only lead to energy drain and loss of self. Remain steadfastly focused on your inner work, questioning your actions. Are they necessary? Are they growth-oriented? Are they absolutely the right actions to be taken now?

If unable to confront the self so boldly, then stop and regain your balance. Maintain a recognizable state of centering in order to hold your self firmly planted and ready to continue your work. Turn your back when necessary. Recall your physical movement of pivoting away, in order to avoid the distractions along your way. Do not only turn, but notice also the affect on your awareness when you do so. Study your own experiences now more clearly. Remember: Everything is meaningful. See what happens!

#195 The Gift of a Cleared Pathway

Dear Jeanne,
I’ve noticed that even if I ask you questions in an attempt to curb the message in a certain direction you pretty much stick to you own agenda. Although I asked about our book yesterday your considerations of it were brief and you had quite a bit to say about other things. Is that how you prefer to operate, by being given an open forum?

Yes, I have an agenda, my dear, much as anyone with a mission does. This mission must be pushed along, and although I do not wish to dismiss your queries so must I take over the platform you present in order to fully utilize your goodness in participating so fully and so selflessly in this approach to delivering my missives. I do have a lot to impart, so it behooves us to move along, and at all costs to stay focused.

Your present situation is quite viable, and your concerns for your work as my messenger are absolutely and thoroughly acknowledged, appreciated, and noted with the highest appreciable concern for your efforts. But, the mission, and the work of our greater group, must prevail if we are to make headway.

Do not dismiss yourself in asking your questions now or in the future, but do maintain your inner detachment, your egoless place, as we work, in order to remain open and unavailable to outside influences. Your abilities are not in question by me, nor should they be by you. I seek only to bring you back to the focus of this communion, and this well-trained connection, in order to remain on the path laid out and presented to you.

Even as I suggest that you, Jan, the individual so capable of hearing and understanding my directives, my words of intuition and concern for all souls and all mankind, stay focused on the path of this mission, so do I urge all to begin now a greater personal effort to clean up their own paths. Time now to make the path pristinely presented by practicing the techniques I have been presenting. By investigating everything in your path for what it truly presents, and means, do you afford yourself the possibility of clearing it from your life forever. All debris is just that, the detriment of a life you seek to move beyond, at least that is the intent of this mission, and the path now being pointed out to you. With sincerest, truthful, open-hearted concern for all upon that earth do I, and those upon this mission of awakening, seek only to point out this path, this new way of living, of thinking, of feeling, and of observing life, so that your abilities to perceive may go beyond the everyday world, and advance into other worlds, so ready to receive your energetic exploration, your curious seeking, and your eager spirit.

Even today, as the energy does hunker down for a time, and sit a little heavy in contemplation, take the opportunity to clean. Whether it be a physical cleaning, a mental cleaning, a cleaning of your house, your property, or even you very body and soul, so do it with the intent of giving your self the gift of a cleared pathway. Do not allow the heaviness of the energetic force now upon that earth to weigh you down, but use it to stay focused on your task. One more task accomplished will prove to you that you use the energy well, to your advantage, and that your awareness is working for you.

The energy will fight back, for it wishes for compliance and sluggishness in order to feed its own desires; but avoid such old attentions to that which is pushing from outside you today, and go innerly, and direct your attention at the work of the self. Clean and clear away today, with focus on gaining clarity of your own direction in life. One small bit at a time, and you will eventually succeed in your task, the heaviness will lift, and your own personal mission be revealed.

Stay focused, calm, in balance, and find the task that suits the energy of today in order to remain focused, intent upon your work, and aware of what the energy wants. Do not fall by being enticed into its heavy soporific fumes that will only overcome you as you drop by the wayside and slumber away your otherwise useful moments of gaining clarity.

So, be aware, and beware. If you have been training well, your awareness will keep you focused, even without your knowing and your thoughts constantly upon your path. In doing deep work on the self have you gained expert skills that now may kick in of their own accord. See what happens today. Remain in balance. That is the key!

#194 The Intent of Containment

We invite all of our readers to download The Book of Us, offered for free, on the Store page of this website. In addition, we wish to express out deepest gratitude to all who have e-mailed, sharing the profound impact this book is having on their lives. We invite all to send their honest reactions upon reading The Book of Us, and greatly appreciate being advised of any grammatical, editorial, or technical mishaps you might notice.

Chuck Ketchel and Jan Ketchel

Here is the message for today:

Dear Jeanne,
Now that we have released The Book of Us to the world how are you affected? Energetically? Are there reverberations in your world? In your own energy body? What does this mean for you personally?

How am I affected by your daring release of our intimacy and our complete innocence upon the path of this mission I now engage in? The slightest ripple of energy does affect me, but not as you may experience it. I remain in calm balance, but I do enjoy surges of regenerating energy boosting my intent, and so does this energetic containment, this Book of Us, allow for additional empowerment of intent as regards the focus of this mission I have elected to engage in. As energetic waves are created, stirring interest, stirring curiosity, and stirring also discontent, so is there released here also energetic reverberation that but fuels my purpose.

Although I no longer enjoy personal feelings, as you may feel, I do invite energy to my own energetic presence in the form of connection in order to fuel this work.

In what sense?

I seek connection for this mission, as do others, through energetic means as it is all that I now am, and all that I have to work with. This energetic containment does also include intent, and all else that I learn now as I go forward on my own new path. Although far removed from that health-oriented plane that is earth, do I remain with energetic connection in order to participate in this great awakening, asking that focus shift and create a balance, so that physical caring justify itself with equal spiritual caring upon that great yet devastated earth.

The earth does seek a shift now, for far too much has disguised its natural resources and environments, creating havoc upon its lands and shores, its waters and its peaks, its valleys and its plains. There is now an intent, among the earth focused groups of energetic reality, to cause a great shift so that the earth may continue its own containment in order to enable living organisms of the physical variety to continue in existence. Yet will this shift disrupt the world, as you now know it, greatly. But the intent of containment, in order for progress to be made, is strong, and the energetic body so focused is well organized, and has connection upon that falling earth to complete this mission of paring down now to allow for future engagements in life upon that earth. All is not lost, but much anticipation of change should be advisable future focus, and the intent of all upon that earth should now shift away from heavy physical over-usage, and overdoing, and over-consumption, to inviting the inner spirit equal ground upon that earth plane.

This shift from physical focus, away from greed, domination, power, and intent of the dark side of human nature to a new outlook, inviting the inner energetic spirit to become the dominant thinking machine is of great significance now, at this very moment. Look around you. Open your eyes to the reality of what man, man so out of balance, has created upon the surface, the atmosphere, and deep into the wells of that planet earth. Has anything gone untouched by the proliferation of mankind’s greed and desires?

You are so harsh!

This is not too harsh, my dear, for there is only truth in the words I speak, and though truth may sound harsh so does the intent of many upon that earth send harsher focus of energetic destruction than any of my words!

There is intent of continued destruction, and what is the purpose of such destructive behavior except the satiation of a few to dominate, even as the most fierce of dictators do seek satiation. Power must now shift. As mankind does discover that the earth itself will no longer allow such destructive intent to invade the little true life left upon that earth, so will this earthly shift gain in intent.

So is it that the mission I engage in is the balance of that intent. As the gatherers of earthly shift do hone their skills and create the great intent to shift that planet earth for its very survival, so do the gatherers of spirit energy seek to infiltrate, simultaneously, with a great shift in focus to spirit-oriented awareness.

When I speak of containment of energy and intent, do I mean these missions. And although they may, at first, appear to be totally separate: one concerned with the very planet that the others seek freedom from, so do they work hand in hand, in partnership, to awaken and guide the many who now reside upon that earthly level.

Our missions are entwined; energetically seeking shift, shake up, and a simultaneous awareness of the long buried inner spirit inside all of you. Not one of you does not have, deep inside you, your own buried innocence waiting to be recognized, rescued, awoken, and allowed freedom of expression in order to not only partake in this great energetic shift, but to evolve beyond that level.

Speak more about this in relation to the book we have just released.

Imagine two great hands cupping you. On the right is the great energetic hand of earthly concern, and on the left the great energetic hand of spirit intent. These two great hands do shake you awake, and speak, quite loudly, of this time of awakening to the truth of your time, not only the earth time and the conditions of deplorable living upon that earth, but the drowsy state of so many beings.

Those great hands of awakening do carry within them great rays of intent, great energy of awareness, seeking to impress upon each of you the need to awaken and become alert to such energy. As you begin to notice it, feel its resonance; and understand its significance in your own life. As you attach to it, and begin to change, and shift, so will you understand the greater meaning of this intent to invite awareness and change.

So, this book is part of this, I gather?

As I have said before, unless there is created a connection to who I am as an energetic being who has succeeded in completely releasing herself from life upon that earth, so will this mission not gain in awareness. I am of such recent connection upon that earth, my energetic presence still reflected there by many, that to gain an understanding of that aspect of who I now am, Jeanne Marie Ketchel gone on to energetic completion, so do I seek to offer clarity of what it means to be alive, really alive, an energetic being.

You are all energetic beings, but as long as you remain so steeped in the heaviness of your earthbound physical being, so do you miss the balance of this far greater potential that awaits. Do you choose now to shift you awareness, your truth, your knowing, from that earth contained focus of life and death, bound to earth’s reality, or do you choose to accept a new idea of energetic containment that goes far beyond the heavy earth?

Do not envision death in its darkness, as you have been taught, or perhaps imagined, for it is but release from the physical plane that now holds you so fast to its tenets. Allow your spirit self to feel now those great hands of intent, to cup your truths, your knowing, and your eternal spirit energy, and allow for the great coming shift to have its ultimate affect upon you, and allow your soul’s journey the opportunity of completion, so that your own spirit containment may be achieved. This is all we ask as we extend our hands, reaching out to you to notice, to feel our energetic presence, our intent to awaken you, and our purpose of awakening you all to the truth of energy, that it is eternal, all around you, in viable form, that you have access to it, if you will allow yourself to trust it for your own greater good.

Our intertwined missions do offer you clarity every day. But do you choose to accept these gains in truth, and these forceful and obvious admissions of the consequence of continuing to live life as you now do? Do you not wish to dare, even a little, to accept the possibility that even a slight shift in your own perception of reality has the potential to offer you new life? As new doors of possibility seek your attention, do you elect to hear the knocking, the pounding, upon your awareness? What is the harm in investigating the possibility that everything is viable, that even though you cannot “see” what I speak of, so can you “feel” it. Allow this ability to feel to become your guide, for even if you close your eyes are you not blind, but offering your self the ability, the potential, to use your buried skills of energetic intent, awareness, and deep inner knowing.

In conclusion, do I say that any attempt that any of you propose to make to stir awake the sleepy spirit energies that do slumber so heavily upon that earth is energetically felt by those of us who have directed our own energetic container of intent upon that focused mission, and your work will have affect. As you know, especially if you allow your self to “see” the many who now work upon the mission of alerting you to other aspects of that world as connected to other worlds, so will you begin to see what we mean when we say that we are a great many who work within this container of intent to awaken as many as possible. Are you awakening?

This is for you to discover. Are you being prodded awake in your own life? What are the signs that seek to alert you to the possibilities that exist? Who is your guide into other worlds? Who seeks to wake you up? There are more instances of awakenings now taking place upon that earth than any other phenomenon now infiltrating the human consciousness. Turn your focus in this direction in your own life, and the life around you, and you will begin to see the obvious signs. Then are you encouraged to observe and trust the deeper signs, those within the self, for these are the most significant. And then, if you dare to open even one new door, to have greater access to the wonderment of energetic life, then do you offer your self the opportunity to grow and evolve.

A book has been written and now sent out upon the energetic waves of intent. Do not read this Book Of Us merely to find out who I was, but read it to find out who you are. In this manner will its energy reverberate as you seek connection with your inner spirit self, and with those of us who reside in pure energy, ready to serve, and guide you on your own quest for wholeness, in that world first, and then beyond, as you learn what life truly is, and the meaning of becoming an energetic being.

Attain, one step at a time, true connection to the inner self first, and then see what doors open, and what new truths may present themselves to your new and daring inner spirit, to access and grow, as a result of engaging in this new spirit as energy, life as energy, awareness. Good luck in your endeavors. We await your recognition of us, of our energetic configurations, and our availability, which is bursting now, and encouraging shift, if you’ll only take notice of us, and reach out your hands, gaining balance and awareness of your own energy, and your own potential. This is enough for now. Look for our energetic presence. Do not be ashamed of this desire inside you. All have it, but few dare to show it, to use it, and abide by its truths. Look around you though, and you may notice that there is a shift taking place. For even as you read my messages so are there many other energetic attempts to alert you to your own energetic truth, all around you, and others are beginning to dare themselves too. Just notice, you may be surprised at the great need for such declaration of spirit, of inner spirit, inside all of you. What else is there left to explore? This is the last frontier, now being opened to you, to each of you. It is not available only to the great adventurers who can afford such journeying. It is available to everyone, at no cost, simply for the daring to engage it. Your journey into the spirit self can’t hurt you, it is merely a journey into truth, and awareness of new worlds, both inside and outside the self. So, as I said, in conclusion: be daring and see what you discover. You are safe, protected, and our loving hands of energetic intent do hold you and urge you to notice them embracing you as you dare to accept your role as a spirit seeking awareness. This is good.