#198 The Coming Days Bode Well for Inner Quiet and Work on the Self

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Chuck Ketchel and Jan Ketchel

Here is the message for today:

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message of guidance for us all today?

Find your equilibrium now as you settle down upon your two feet, firmly planted, as the silent flurry of the energy of the past few days and weeks wanes. Do not remain caught by that which attached to you during that time, but disentangle and detach your self from the sneaking disquiet of it. For it did lodge inside you as a result of unawareness and because it found an opening, but it does not necessarily belong to you or belong in you. Dispense with it now as you return to solid awareness and knowing, re-seeking your resonance, your inner hum of content, that you now recognize and desire; your inner self in calm balance.

That which perhaps has entered your vast system, seeking energetic consumption, and causing disruption, must now be put aside. Disperse it from your energy field by now taking in only calm energy, and by firmly connecting to your core inner self where only truth awaits. Allow doubts, disbeliefs, and disparate thoughts that leave only discomfort in your space of inner quiet to be released now as the energy passes into a calmer mode. The coming days bode well for inner quiet and work on the self. Land now firmly upon your feet, allow the dust to settle, and in calm resolve look around you with eyes wide open, taking in what you have learned, now discovered about your own seeking self, and contemplate the meaning of your life, and your experiences, from this day forth. Where is your resonance inside you? Where is its reply outside of you? Where is your center directing you to move next? What does your inner you say about your truths now, after you have encountered this last energetic push?

As I suggest, you will all do well to take time for quiet perusal of your inner being, and ask poignant and direct questions of meaningful content that your inner self is fully capable of answering truthfully now. Allow your ears to hear, your resonance to respond, and your ego self to accept the spoken truths that await your discovery and your acknowledgment.

Go steadily, calmly forward now, aware of your own progress, for even as you may have been confronted with displeasure or discontent so have you also been confronted with truth, and this is what you seek to discover. Underneath all that disturbs lies the truth. That is what you must find now. And then find out what it truly means as you continue your growth, and your evolution, and your true journey in that life.