#199 Offer Your Own Questing Innocence Up To The Altar of Life

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for us, to begin this new week?

Remain aware of the energy that does remain but a ripple below the sea of awareness. Although the strength of its interference has decreased to a minimal level, feelings of release may hide that which continues to produce small instances of diversion. Do not attach to these attempts to consume your attention, but be aware that they are so miniscule that you may not even notice their presence.

This is now how the energy will ride, over the next few weeks, freed of inhibitions, and less attached to distractions and fears of old, but underneath will there remain the presence of the possibility of it sneaking in to your domain and waylaying you if you are not alert. Your training now to be aware of even such sly and sneaky energy has been sharpened, and this sharpness must you keep honed. Do not allow the freedom of release from energetic confusion and infusion to thwart your progress. Do not allow your attention to waver from your focused path. Continue to pay attention, to be alert to the world around you even as you continue your inner work on the self. These guidances do not change but remain your innermost meaningful mantras: to remain aware of outside energy, and to remain innerly balanced and calm, are your most important reminders as you continue your journey. From inner calm comes clarity, and with clarity comes knowing, and with knowing comes certainty of direction, and with certainty of direction comes further awareness as you experience your own life, and open to possibilities that are perhaps unfathomable until you actually experience them, and allow yourself to accept them as pure energetic experience.

Yesterday we watched the DVD of The Celestine Prophecy, which we had watched last spring, and we were once again affected by the message of energy, among other things, delivered in the film, so similar to your own mission. Are you aware of this film? What does it mean that your mission is so similar to the one described in this film?

I am not aware of such a film, but as Jeanne Marie Ketchel did I read books of the same name, for at a time did they impress me with their descriptions of energy usage. My message is not new. This we have discussed, but it is, in fact, being transferred by many of us, through many channels, you being but one. Throughout the world are there those who speak of energy in similar fashion. You know that my mission encompasses awakening not only to the realities of the world you live in, but the ability to perceive that which is to come. This is not at all a revelation, but in the times, such as they are, is this seen as revolutionary because it has been so buried by time and dissuasion by other ideas. Many do not trust our talk of energetic experience until personal exploration begins, and intimate experience is felt. Only by bringing awareness to “the possibility of everything” will such experience become acceptable practice and a new awareness of energy become not only acceptable but considered normal.

Your own experiences of synchronistic discoveries of energy talk is vital to the mission. Allow your own awareness to expand now beyond your own experience. This goes for all of you who read my messages. Do not hold it too closely hidden inside you, for in so doing do you keep it hidden from others who will benefit from knowing that their own experiences and yearning for experiences of energy are not in vain. In acknowledging your own work with energy do you open the door to others, offering them the opportunity to experience their own innocent knowing of energetic influence all around them.

By so doing, by opening your knowledge and your own experiences to others, do you participate in this awakening mission. By daring to speak of energy as real, as forceful and interfering, and as equally gentle and helpful, do you offer a great gift of awareness to others who struggle. All who exist upon that earth struggle with the dilemma of wanting answers for the questions not uttered. Why am I here? Where am I going? What is the true meaning of life? And what is the true reason for my life specifically? What is going to happen in the future? Where am I headed next?

These questions reside inside everyone you meet. Have no doubt about it. These are the questions that lie deepest, at the very center of every human existence. And yet, is there rarely discussion of such important inner talk. Bring now such talk out of the self, and begin to make it commonplace. Offer your own questing innocence up to the altar of life, and reveal your own truths, not as spoken by others, but as spoken by your own inner self. Place your innocence outside of you, and dare to allow it to speak your own barest sentiments, and in right resonance will reciprocal innocence respond, though it may not be immediately apparent that this is so.

Innocence seeks innocence, and beneath even the starkest exterior does innocence reside. Gentleness of spirit lies deep inside everyone, though fear and confusion often lie stacked above it, keeping it insulated, so that it does not hear the murmuring that it needs in order to awaken. Energetic murmurings do eventually penetrate even the toughest of exteriors, for all feel energy. Energy penetrates. This you have all experienced. The focus now is on learning to distinguish the different kinds of energy, learning to read it, and to know, impeccably, what it is saying to you, and then trusting that your direction is right and leading you on your energetic path to truth.

As you trust your own energy experiences, and as you find that your own innocence is awakening and speaking more clearly, so do I ask that you allow it to be spoken outside of you as well, in whatever way feels right. Test it, and see what happens. You may find that you offer energetic approval to someone who is ready to discover the inner self and the trust offered by such brave innocence, daring to not only wake up but to speak out. For who does not, deep inside hope for truth of their own innocence to be revealed to them, and to be experienced as real. Innocence lies at the root of human life, and human awareness, yet does it rarely dare to be so bold as to speak out.

Give your innocence back its ability to speak. Find its voice in your life. Find how it sounds, how it speaks, and how it wishes to energetically engage its awareness in order to become part of the energetic mission that is becoming so apparent to you upon that earth. Those of you who dare to pay attention to such beautiful displays of innocence are the next wave of growth, the next teachers, the next guides, as you use your own energy to connect with the seekers of spirit and truth.

So, do not hesitate to grow with this new energy that does offer speedy progress now, but remain alert to the fact that there are always present the feeders seeking your energy for their own consumption alone, and for no other benefit. Give your energy, but be also equally protective of it. Be cautious, but be brave. Be gentle, but be fierce. Be calm, but be alert. Be daring, but be wary. Be open, but be protective. Take one step at a time, testing as you go. If you go in pure, egoless innocence will you discover not only that you will meet resonant innocence, but that your own way will open with greater clarity, and further awareness will be revealed. Watch the signs all around you so that you know where to go. This is good for today and for this week ahead of you, as the energy does calm down and give this offer of guidance to aid you and others. See what happens as you dare to speak of energetic connection and awareness. It is the necessary wave of the future!