#200 Keep Your Inner Fire Well Tended

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Chuck Ketchel and Jan Ketchel

Here is the message for today:

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for all of humanity today?

Pay attention now, with absolute focus, to the energy around you and what it offers and expects of you. There are always two sides to every force upon that earth. Do not dismiss the fact that there exists a negative side to the positive flow of energy that now assists you on your journey. Do not get caught in your enjoyment of progress so that you lose awareness of that which seeks to disrupt your complacency.

At times of energetic high, when things are going well, when all is right, and there appears no disruption, still maintain alertness, because this scenario is but a false notion. Although such time of energetic high is to be accepted, and utilized to the fullest, do not let down your guard. If you begin to let down your guard do you open the door, even if but a crack, to other energies that do not intend to aid and assist you, but do intend to feed off your growing and bounding fuel. Keep your inner fire well tended. Be alert to what is needed in order for it to continually blaze. Be aware of the weather outside you, and the cold seeping in, and attempts to sabotage your cozy environment.

There exists now an energetic high, that if tended properly, will guide and aid you in your growth. If you let down your guard, and simply ride it, without awareness, are you setting yourself up for a long cold winter, and eventually you may find yourself knee deep in snow, without proper garments, and no shovel to dig your way out, your fire gone out, and your inner glow but a tiny ember ready to snuff out at the next puff of cold air. This is a very significant time upon that earth, especially in the United States, where holiday frenzy does captivate the greedy heart, and even the best laid plans for solitude and detachment from the commercial beast may suffer if alertness and awareness are not kept foremost in your energetic presence.

Yes, ride the energy. Yes, enjoy the holidays. Yes, feel the growth, and feel good about your progress. But do not allow your awareness of the truth of every day to slip from your view. Do not allow the truth of the world around you to melt before your eyes. Remain in your own truth, and keep the truth of all else before you now as you go forward, with eyes wide open, into the energy that does invite you forth, to engage it, to live it, to learn from it, and to test your prowess in it. Do not allow your awareness to be dulled, strained, tired, so that you lose consciousness of your path. Keep your path cleared, so that you always know where you next will place your foot, while tending your inner fire, and looking, looking, with keen awareness, all around, ready to block, to stop, to thwart attacks on your energy.

So, in this time of emotional attachment to old ways, to family ways, ancient ways, remain alert to the strength of the energy that does pull you forward to enjoyment of this time. Seek to change your attention to these old details, saving a portion of your attention for your continued growth, so that by the time the energy has finished its whirlwind through your life you will not find your self suddenly lying stunned upon your path, wondering how you got there! Do not lose touch with your inner work, your evolutionary focus, or your intent to change. The energy is available for much to happen now. It is up to you to decide how to use it. Where will your focus be placed? Staying upon your path? Or drawn outward, where you risk losing your balance and your inner glow? Be careful.