#201 Allow Ambivalence To Be Swept From Your Path

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have advice or guidance to offer us today?

Allow ambivalence to be swept from your path. Determine your direction, and clear your way of all debris that may pose a potential blockage or stumbling block. Do not allow interferers to seep in, with doubt in their pockets, but remain fixed upon your own knowing of your chosen direction. Your thoughts, your ideas, your suppositions, and your conflicts are all valid, reasonable, and totally acceptable for a seeking spirit. You are not alone, nor are you crazy or delusional. Contain your inner sense of this seeking self, this curious inner you, who does pose such interesting propositions of life and how it works. Remain this innocent self, and you will have success in navigating your life in that world, and in other worlds as well.

Allow doubt or disbelief to seep away, wash away daily. Attach instead to the sure signs that appear to guide you and show you the way. Allow dreams to manifest by trusting your own truths and your own inner self to lead you properly. It is not necessary to attach to the status quo. Far better to remain attached to that which your inner spirit points out. For in so doing will you achieve your goals in that life quicker, with a more direct approach, as you pay attention to that which truly resonates and allows you to have experiences that are not only meaningful, but growth oriented.

Continue to use the energy of now to process your daily life by following the rules of living as laid out for you over these many months. Watch for signs, trust your knowing, remain alert and aware, stay in balance in all aspects of life, and always trust your inner spirit to guide you correctly. But in order to do all of this must you be able to maintain a sense of innocence that remains connected to the energy of the universe, the energy of now, and the energy of the past, and the energy of the future. All energy is important, and all energy can be read so that you will know how to proceed in life.

During this time of energetic flow, as you achieve states of heightened awareness, be constantly aware that your goal now is to discover your own truths, and your own reason for living just that life you now live. Seek this reason, utilizing all you have been learning; and by pushing aside the veils of ambivalence and doubt discover your innocence, your truth, and your true path. Then act upon your inner knowing by taking your next step in the direction that resonates, that will lead you along this true path. In so doing do you lift other veils that hide your truths from you, and you allow your self the opportunity to really live your dreams.

Find your equilibrium, your calm centered self, your clear innocence, and dare to believe the truths that are revealed to you as you listen to your inner spirit, as it speaks of your life, your mission, your goal for that life time. The world is changing quickly now. What once may have been important may no longer make sense. What once held such power may now be obsolete, or near collapse, as the world all around you changes rapidly, on a daily basis. What is now most important in your world? What is getting in your way so that you cannot see clearly? Where does your veil of ambivalence lie?

Calm down, sweep it aside, find what is behind it, and determine if what is revealed is truly right for you. Does it resonate? Does it make sense for today’s world, and your own? Is it leading you further along the path of growth? Is it offering you energy, and the possibility of enlightenment, continued enlightenment?

Your biggest task now, during this energetic high, is to use the energy properly. Do not attach to the old ways, but look behind the veils, the curtains of old, and see what is in store for you as you seek to discover your true mission in life. It’s all there, waiting for you to discover it, but you must look in a new direction now, for that is where the energy is capable of taking you, and that is where the world itself is being taken. It’s all laid out. You just have to see it, and experience it. So, what are you waiting for?

Thank you for that message, Jeanne. I have a question to ask you. Yesterday, as I took a mystical journey to the rainforest, along the Amazon, I met a shaman guide, a native of that area, who I spoke to of my ambivalence about being a messenger, and what I should do with it. He said that I am not just a messenger, but a teacher too, and that being a messenger was not enough, I had to teach others. What do you think of that?

I agree. You are my direct link, a messenger of my words, bringing them to others. But ultimately is there little impact if you do not carry out what you learn and impart it to others. You know that your connection is not unique, and the goal of this mission is for others to learn how to access their own inner connection. And you are doing this by passing along the messages; you are teaching. But the root of your teaching remains being capable of connection, and that is what your teaching is centered on, teaching others to connect in their own fashion.

Keep this always in mind, that how others connect may not be in the same manner that you do, but all connections are real and valid for the future of mankind. For, ultimately, is the future also now, which means that it is important to open the doors, push aside the veils, and see what is really there, now, waiting for discovery. Use your tools to teach that all worlds are one world. Awareness is the key, but action is the method to making a new reality, and a new reality is necessary.

Do you choose to be one of the builders of it, by presenting the plans, the tools, the methods of discovering it, or do you choose to ignore the true fact that life as you now know it does not have long to survive? What then? Do you choose to become an explorer? Or do you choose to go down with an old decrepit ship, which no longer floats?

Teach what you know, so that others may see, so that others may discover that there is indeed quite an amazing future in store for all. You are all energy. When are you going to realize this fact of life? Life is energy. Energy is life. Energy is all around you. You can ignore these facts, or you can seek the means to merge with resonant energy, and find your way to new life. Don’t wait too long. Find a way to achieve it, now, one step at a time toward a new life. Teach your self as you go what it means to pay attention to what is being offered. Seek guidance, seek resonant energy, seek new life. What else is there being offered? Keep going.