#202 Be Alert So That You Do Not Miss the Utter Truths Being Revealed to You

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Chuck Ketchel and Jan Ketchel

Here is the message for today:

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have guidance to offer today?

Find that equilibrium I so often speak of, and navigate from that calm place of centeredness. Use your awareness to guide you. These two processes cannot be stressed enough, for without such balance, and such awareness, will you remain lost in the veils of oblivion.

Seek clarity. Ask for clear seeing and clear insight, but do not force your self into a false sense of such abilities. Allow them to come to you. They will be revealed when you least expect them, and how they come to you will be not as expected either. “Seeing” is a gift that, if you are not aware, may pass by you if you are trying too hard to achieve what you may think is meant by “seeing”. Seeing is not only using the eyes, but also using your inner knowing to be your eyes now. Sit back from your intense and penetrating stare at life, and allow your calm centeredness, and your awareness to be the captain of your ship.

Be alert so that you do not miss the utter truths being revealed to you, for they hide in the veils, and you may be granted only glimpses of them. Will you notice? Will you be drawn to the flash of knowing that accompanies these glimpses of truth? Who are you really seeking in your life? Who do you really seek to find, to connect with, and to know? Who really hides in the veils, keeping hidden from you all that you yearn for?

It is only your self, and your own truths that beckon and play hide-and-seek with you. Sit back in calm centeredness and accept that now; with your awareness alert and ready, is it time to finally look clearly at the truths of the self. Who am I really? Allow your self to be found. Catch a glimpse of your self as you run around in the veils, the oblivion of life. Then catch your self by the hand, and part the veils, and take a good look at who you are. Allow your calmness to remain balanced as you shed all judgments, preconceived ideas, and all old thoughts that have controlled your ideas of the self. Defrock this captured spirit self who has been hiding from you for so long, and from your deep inner calm really see who you are. Then will come clarity. Clarity will come in a word, an utter truth that will be undeniable. Whatever it is, do not back away from it. Do not let go of the hand you have grasped. Do not run away from the truth of the self. Do not allow the veils to close back over this true self, and this clarity that has been revealed.

Hold your awareness steady in your gaze, and take with you your knowing, this insight you have learned about the self, back with you through the veils of your day, and keep it clearly in your thoughts, a new insight. Use these techniques to revisit your self often, to discover who you are. Take time daily to go on an excursion in your ship, as the navigator, seeing clarity among the veils, the fog of daily life. Gather your truths by the hand, put them safely upon your ship, and carry them now with you into your life, your future, and see what happens next as you discover who you really are.

You are waiting to be discovered. You are hiding from your self. You are available and desirous of being found. Go on a seeking journey. The energy is good for this. Stay calm, balanced, and focused on the intent of discovering your own truths and you will do well. Ask the energy to aid you.