#203 Ride a Fine Line Between the Energies of Progress and Deception

Dear Jeanne,
Another weekend is approaching. Do you have guidance to offer for the next few days? What will the energy be like?

The energy continues to ride roughshod if you are not alert and aware of the power punch that it packs. With awareness is it possible to hang on to the reins and ride it with perfection, enabling your journey to progress. With determination will you succeed while at the same time remain aware of the undercurrent that does attempt to unseat you. This duality of energetic flow will continue unabated now for a few weeks. The most engaging and apparent energy will be available for harnessing for your usage while the slithering undercurrent will seek to muddy your path so that you may slip and fall.

Watch out. Keep alert. Be aware of what comes at you to whip you from your saddle and unseat you from your steed. Be also aware of the back-wind that pushes you along, and may send you farther than you are prepared for at this time. Remain in command. Become the leader of your own energetic response to the energy above and below you. Do not get caught by either, but ride smoothly between the two, skimming above the slippery undercurrent, and keeping your head just touching the grand energy above that is so enticing. Utilize your skills of balance, of good sense of self, and of inner knowing to guide you through this time of voracious energy. It seeks your participation, but it is up to you to ascertain just how much you are ready for and capable of. Use common sense; use your awareness of your past, your present, and your future to guide you through this time of energetic trial. All time is now. All experience is meaningful for now. Do not dismiss your past as finished, but recall your lessons from the past in order to retain your firm seat upon your steed. Keep your head up, focused on reading the energy as it seeks to engage you. Turn your attention from allowing your self to be engaged, to systematically deciding when and where you choose to be engaged. By determining your engagement of it, do you offer your self the opportunity to grow with it, and in spite of it.

The energy has a dual intent. It seeks to test you, and it seeks to promote you on to a new level of awareness. If you fall off your steed, do not wallow in the mud at your feet, but simply climb back on, giving your self permission to go on. Ride a fine line between the energies of progress and deception, and you will do well. But remember, that one line is above, the other below, and this may make all the difference because when your head gets caught it leaves your feet unattended, and when your feet get caught may your head forget to partake in the freedom being offered by the energy above.

Be aware that a new kind of balance is called for now because you do want to engage in the goodness of this energy, affording your self the possibilities that are offered, but you do also need to remain grounded and focused on sensible living. It will be a challenge, but look forward to it with confidence. Remember, all time is now, so nothing is unimportant. Everything matters, but it is up to you to understand what this truly means in your own life. Be assured that lessons abound. But do you notice? And then, do you learn what you are meant to learn?

Stay alert and focused on your path, even as you bounce up and down upon your trusty steed and you touch a little too far into the heady energy above, and then down into the heavy draw below. Be aware, constantly, that this is the energy that exists now. Remain in balance. See what happens!