#197 Be Sensitive to what is Seeking Your Attention

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Chuck Ketchel and Jan Ketchel

Here is the message for today:

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message of guidance for all of humanity today?

The energy does urge you to be keenly aware, for though it sits heavily, is it in hiding, not completely revealing itself to you as it sometimes does. Its actions are covert, and require alertness in order to avoid its distracting tendencies to invade and consume your own energy, and your focus and attention, stealing from you as a thief in the night does steal from you.

This kind of energy, though not outright destructive, does have a tendency to sit and await an opening, and once in can wreak havoc because you are unaware that it has entered your energy field until it is too late. Be sensitive to what is seeking your attention. Remain alert to your own tendencies of slouchy awareness, and negligence in paying attention to your surroundings. These surroundings include, not only your physical environment, but your ego self as well. This ego self encases you in a state of human desire that must be monitored so that you do not lose your ultimate state of balance that remains your most necessary attribute.

To remain in balance, fully aware of your ego self, your outer world, and equally attentive to the work of the inner self, is your challenge now. All of this is being played out on a very subtle level. Do not attach to fear, or the old habit of hiding from your challenges, but instead engage your new skills. Just be aware of the subtle, barely noticeable ripples of energetic discontent and hunger that now do circulate and seek attention and entry to your energy source.

By noting the presence of such energy, but remaining unattached to it, do you smoothly sail through this time of energetic confluence that so desperately seeks acknowledgment. But avoid looking at it for too long, avoid putting your attention upon it, and avoid being caught by it or surprised by it. Use you skills to rid your nearness of such clingy energy. Throw it off as soon as you realize it has attached. You are in charge of your life, and you are responsible for maintaining your balanced, calm state. I offer you this awareness of such energy, but then it is up to you to master it.

Good luck. Today, my dears, is the turning point. After this day, will things change for the better. Get through this unscathed, and feel good enough about your own progress to pat yourself on the back for a job well done!