#196 Be Observant and Aware

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Chuck Ketchel and Jan Ketchel

Here is the message for today:

Dear Jeanne,
What is the message for today?

Continue your work upon the deeper meaning of life, abiding by the rules of conduct for a seeker of such clarification. Do not overload with too much thinking, but be observant and aware of your environment, both inside you and outside you. As I spoke yesterday, the energy lies but a little heavily upon your shoulders now, seeking entry in order to sabotage your good intent and your focus upon your path. Do not allow it to slip in the cracks, or through an open door, for once in will it wreak havoc with your attention and your energy. Maintain your focus upon keeping balanced, and focused on the work most suited to where you now reside in your life and inside your self. By this I mean, accept your place in life, and accept your self as you now are, so that you may be able to move on and grow.

Acceptance of the self first will enable you to be most truthful in your work upon the self. Your inner work requires much confrontation, and truthful encounters, and this is best done if in a state of acceptance, with the caveat that you are indeed on the road to change and growth, on a new road, where new adventures await because you have made the decision to embark on a new journey, fully aware that your job now is to be utterly honest and naked, standing in your truth, your place of vulnerability, and totally available so that no aspect of the self is left uncovered.

Be aware today, and for the next few days, that diversions await you at every turn, at every street corner, and at every step along your path. Pay not attention to the hungry beggars, the sorry souls who propose a variety of enticements, and who seek to engage you in conversations that will only lead to energy drain and loss of self. Remain steadfastly focused on your inner work, questioning your actions. Are they necessary? Are they growth-oriented? Are they absolutely the right actions to be taken now?

If unable to confront the self so boldly, then stop and regain your balance. Maintain a recognizable state of centering in order to hold your self firmly planted and ready to continue your work. Turn your back when necessary. Recall your physical movement of pivoting away, in order to avoid the distractions along your way. Do not only turn, but notice also the affect on your awareness when you do so. Study your own experiences now more clearly. Remember: Everything is meaningful. See what happens!