#195 The Gift of a Cleared Pathway

Dear Jeanne,
I’ve noticed that even if I ask you questions in an attempt to curb the message in a certain direction you pretty much stick to you own agenda. Although I asked about our book yesterday your considerations of it were brief and you had quite a bit to say about other things. Is that how you prefer to operate, by being given an open forum?

Yes, I have an agenda, my dear, much as anyone with a mission does. This mission must be pushed along, and although I do not wish to dismiss your queries so must I take over the platform you present in order to fully utilize your goodness in participating so fully and so selflessly in this approach to delivering my missives. I do have a lot to impart, so it behooves us to move along, and at all costs to stay focused.

Your present situation is quite viable, and your concerns for your work as my messenger are absolutely and thoroughly acknowledged, appreciated, and noted with the highest appreciable concern for your efforts. But, the mission, and the work of our greater group, must prevail if we are to make headway.

Do not dismiss yourself in asking your questions now or in the future, but do maintain your inner detachment, your egoless place, as we work, in order to remain open and unavailable to outside influences. Your abilities are not in question by me, nor should they be by you. I seek only to bring you back to the focus of this communion, and this well-trained connection, in order to remain on the path laid out and presented to you.

Even as I suggest that you, Jan, the individual so capable of hearing and understanding my directives, my words of intuition and concern for all souls and all mankind, stay focused on the path of this mission, so do I urge all to begin now a greater personal effort to clean up their own paths. Time now to make the path pristinely presented by practicing the techniques I have been presenting. By investigating everything in your path for what it truly presents, and means, do you afford yourself the possibility of clearing it from your life forever. All debris is just that, the detriment of a life you seek to move beyond, at least that is the intent of this mission, and the path now being pointed out to you. With sincerest, truthful, open-hearted concern for all upon that earth do I, and those upon this mission of awakening, seek only to point out this path, this new way of living, of thinking, of feeling, and of observing life, so that your abilities to perceive may go beyond the everyday world, and advance into other worlds, so ready to receive your energetic exploration, your curious seeking, and your eager spirit.

Even today, as the energy does hunker down for a time, and sit a little heavy in contemplation, take the opportunity to clean. Whether it be a physical cleaning, a mental cleaning, a cleaning of your house, your property, or even you very body and soul, so do it with the intent of giving your self the gift of a cleared pathway. Do not allow the heaviness of the energetic force now upon that earth to weigh you down, but use it to stay focused on your task. One more task accomplished will prove to you that you use the energy well, to your advantage, and that your awareness is working for you.

The energy will fight back, for it wishes for compliance and sluggishness in order to feed its own desires; but avoid such old attentions to that which is pushing from outside you today, and go innerly, and direct your attention at the work of the self. Clean and clear away today, with focus on gaining clarity of your own direction in life. One small bit at a time, and you will eventually succeed in your task, the heaviness will lift, and your own personal mission be revealed.

Stay focused, calm, in balance, and find the task that suits the energy of today in order to remain focused, intent upon your work, and aware of what the energy wants. Do not fall by being enticed into its heavy soporific fumes that will only overcome you as you drop by the wayside and slumber away your otherwise useful moments of gaining clarity.

So, be aware, and beware. If you have been training well, your awareness will keep you focused, even without your knowing and your thoughts constantly upon your path. In doing deep work on the self have you gained expert skills that now may kick in of their own accord. See what happens today. Remain in balance. That is the key!