#158 Break Down an Old Wall

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a brief message for us all today?

Abide not by the rules and regulations placed on your inner you by others, but seek always your own truths, freed of overcast, and unburdened of judgments placed there by the suppositions of others. To meet the greatest tasks in life must one be honest with the self, full of self-love, and eager for self-fulfillment. If others judge you too harshly, then seek the reason for this. If others do not even see you for your own truths, then accept this as your task. For do you live your own truths? That is the question.

The focus of now must be on continual questing and questioning of the truths of the self in order to find your proper path? Have you perhaps spent a lifetime seeking a path? How do you finally know when you have found the proper one? Your own truths will no longer hide from you, and your own fears will no longer keep you hidden, and your spirit will hum with resonance when you have truly found your path. The seeking will stop when you have found your path, and your work will become concentrated, and accurately placed upon the self, rather than distracted by outside influences, without judging of others, or hiding from the judgments placed upon you.

Seek truth in all judgments. Seek truth in the rules others have asked you to abide by, and the rules you too have placed upon yourself. Seek resolution in your greatest fears, and in your reluctances. Feel your way now forward. Test your path for resonance, but do the deep inner work of the self in order to truly walk upon your chosen path. In doing your inner work will you, eventually, discover that there is so much you have missed in life by hiding behind your fears, your rules, your regulations, and your judgments. Allow now for fuller investigation, into the truths of the self, to become your focus. Get to the bottom of your own mysteries so that you may progress toward fulfilling the true reason for being there. That is all that matters, you know, discovering the truth, the reason for that life. Break some of your own strict rules about yourself today, and allow some new ideas and some new air to infiltrate your old ramparts. Break down an old wall, and see what it is that you have been hiding behind it all these years. It may surprise you that it really isn’t so hard to face, after all it’s only the truth that you seek, you know. How can that be bad?

So, for today, I suggest that you keep in mind that the entire planet, the earth around you, the air, even the heavens above are asking for change, asking for your work, to help return them to wholeness. This too must you ask of yourself, in conjunction with the energetic movement now upon that earth seeking rejuvenation and truth. Don’t be afraid. You’re just investigating your self. Give your self the gift of a little new insight today. You may be glad you did!

#157 The Truth of the Soil

Dear Jeanne,
What is the message for today?

Do not forget the link, not only to your inner spiritual self, but to your physical being, who must live in that world in order for progress to be made. Yes, I speak always of balance, and achieving equilibrium, but I do not often speak directly to the care of the physical body. The times now declare that there is need for the earth to shift to a more simple time. By this I mean, return your focus to simplicity of living so that the great earth, that once was, may have the opportunity to replenish, and remain viable, and ready to serve the physical needs of man. All that resides upon that earth, whether plant, animal, mineral, liquid, gas, or chemical is enough for survival. There is no need for synthetics, or for the wasteful energy of reinventing. Better to return to investigating what the earth is truly capable of, as it has the capacity to sustain all life, giving all that is necessary for a total existence.

You have come far now from the truth of the soil at your feet, and what it means to man. There is imminent danger of life becoming nonexistent as you now know it, yet is there little action taken. In part is this good because it will cause an evolution of shake up. But it will also cause a continual backlog of souls, who even now await entry onto that overused plane that is earth. As many who now reside there refuse to evolve, so is there a great waiting taking place. This has caused a further great imbalance, and this is reflected in the state of the earth as it now is.

My mission resides with the evolutionary aspect of man’s spiritual path, as my group seeks to push you along to acknowledge your life, and your journey, as one of spirit and growth. There are others who seek to aid the earth. This I have spoken of before. But it is up to man, those who now reside there, to begin a new process of caretaking of the earth, and this begins with the physical self. Even as I speak of your evolutionary journey as being completed by first taking one small step to change your inner you, so will one small step to change your physical place in the world have affect, if all attempt a change. This change must begin with your own consuming, physical self. Merely by simplifying your life, one day at a time, so that you become less of a consumer, will you have impact, and your own body will reflect this impact. Be alert to your every move upon that earth that affects its soil, water, and air. Be alert to all synthetics that replace what is truly available in the plants, and trees, and the fish in the seas. All that man needs for survival is already present. There is no need for reinventing the universe. The universe has already provided, but modern man has elected to dismiss the simplicity of such an offering.

Relearn what the earth offers. Relearn what has been lost or forgotten. Relearn what has fallen from common knowledge, and become, once again, gardeners in the gardens of universal providence. Your bodies will thank you for returning them to a natural state of being, in true harmony with nature, and in balance with all things. Relearn the true arts of farming, of gathering of herbs, honey, and plants that are provided for consumption and medicine. Return now to the study of plant medicines, and the simple, yet complicated aspects of true earth bearing brews and concoctions, that will clear up, and clean up, many of the physical problems that man’s, so called, growth has created. Then, from this place of relearning, reconnect more fully to mankind as spirit being, and evolve more fully now, as a group, so that the impact upon that planet may lessen as you offer yourself the opportunity to have a greater mission beyond that life, that plane. Aid now as many as possible, as you begin to discover that the earth is asking you to shift, from your current station, and find a new aspect of life, in order to survive upon that earth. Find more than survival. Take the leap to finding renewal, and assert your physical selves upon a path of growth, equal to the spiritual path you now take. Find new tools to serve the earth itself, and you will find new tools to serve all of mankind, and a new evolution as well, a badly needed one!

#156 Today Is a Day of Newness

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message or word of guidance for us all today, to start off this new week, and this new month?

Even as energy does flow through your veins, circulating, and pulsing through your body to keep you alive and vigorous, so does the energy of all time flow in your nearness and invite you to recognize the resonance of it that is in sync with your own. As you calm your own energetic flow, so do you reside in equilibrium, and a state of constant rejuvenation, with the capacity to remain alive and physically active for many years. But if your internal energy revs up, and you engage it at high speed, so will your physical body soon collapse from overexertion and over stimulation that it cannot sustain. Even as you must learn to control your inner energy, keeping it calm, nurtured, and viable, at a steady and comfortable pace, so must you learn to do the same with the energy outside you.

Outside energetic flow requests your attachment. This is inevitable, but to what will you attach? Have you not begun to understand outside energy now in a new manner? Do you not see how it affects you, and how you are able to remain calm and steady, in spite of its violent force? This past time of energetic turbulence has been a good test for all who seek knowledge of energy usage, and who also seek to energetically evolve. Your own understanding of how energy affects you, and how you can utilize it, should now be more intimately understood. As the turbulent, high energy approaches, as you feel its influence outside you, urging your participation, what do you do? Have you learned how to determine what is truly best for you, or do you get swept up by it, without hesitating and questioning?

The past days of intensive testing should have made you more aware of the power of energy, as you have become aware of it as both existent, affecting all things; and also as either friend or foe. It can appear as happy, friendly energy, but suddenly turn deadly enemy. It can appear as high and mighty, making you feel powerful and invincible, but leave you a whimpering baby when it is done. Your ability to recognize energy, and your decision-making regarding your inner journey have been greatly tested. Now is the time to review what you have learned, and allow yourself to begin anew, right now, no matter what your test results are.

Allow calmness to be your guide, as you still must navigate the energetic forces that seek to disrupt and interrupt you as you make your way always forward. Your inner calm is essential, so reassert this aspect of the deep inner self, and rebalance yourself upon your trusty vessel. Do this daily, no matter how you think you feel, for it will fortify your sense of balance no matter what approaches. And what approaches will always carry some element of surprise.

As you now rebalance, and regain inner calm after your time of examination, of energetic turmoil, allow yourself the knowledge that you do not seek to engage in all energy, but only in resonant energy. And this is energy that vibrates at the same calm inner vibration of your own energy. You will recognize it with dead-on certainty when you meet it, and know that you have met the right energetic companion, whether it be a companion of creative force, or a companion appearing in physical form, whether human, animal, or the energetic companionship of a place upon that earth that holds resonant energy that you tap into and find calmness in company with.

Resonant energy exists in streams, and as you navigate life will you inevitably intersect such streams. But you must be alert and aware to what is resonant for you. And then must you dare to engage it. But I do not advocate engaging, too often, in the high and mighty powerful energy that will test your inner calm. Better to allow your inner calm to guide you, keeping you steady and innerly resonant, allowing this to be your ship’s captain, rather than drawn to the tasty energetic forces that await your passing. Know your own energetic resonance, your own vibratory energy, and know how to keep it alive and well, so that you are not caught in situations that are better avoided.

So, today is a day of newness. Start with that thought, and give yourself a quick going over. Calm and stabilize your feet upon that earth, upon the deck of your trusty vessel that is you, and command your ship now, more fully aware of what energy is, how to utilize it, and how not to. It’s a brand new day, and a new time now. Watch how the energy shift will make a difference in your life. But be aware, alert, and ready to recognize resonance wherever you may travel. Avoid dissonance. Seek resonance as your guide. What will resonate with you today, to lead you further on your journey?

#155 Again, You Are Being Tested!

Dear Jeanne,
You’ve been speaking about the volatile energy of this time, and the next few days remain significant, energy-wise. Do you have a message of guidance that will help people get through the weekend, until we meet again on Monday?

Yes, guard your own energy first and foremost, from attack and from internal firings that would interrupt and create situations that are unnecessary. Remain in calm contemplation, aware that this time of disruption is upon you. Be alert, so that you don’t get drawn into battles that would, otherwise, not exist. Such energy, as I have warned of, creates its own disruptions in order to gain momentum. Such is the character of energy of commotion. Do not get drawn into the chaos of it, or you will fail your test.

Approach the weekend with steady sobriety. Appoint yourself supreme commander of your ship; no deviation from this job is allowed, if you are to succeed. This, I cannot stress enough. And what must you do in order to remain firmly in command? First, remember, at all times, that you are being tested. Your every step is under scrutiny, and the smallest slip up could mean disaster. But if you are firmly and staunchly planted at the helm of your vessel, with hands firmly grasping the wheel, so are you at least taking the proper position for an alert and ready captain. But none of your preparation will matter if you forget why you are there. You are being tested! Remember this at all times.

Secondly, keep in mind that this is the energy of hunger and of tease. It is the energy that is only concerned with its own satiation and is not going to be of help in any fashion, so don’t even think about engaging it. This energy is not to be trusted. Avoid it, at all costs. Even as you must steer your vessel right into the midst of it, must you avoid breathing it, or allowing it to enter your calm inner self. Turn your back on it, reject it, but also have it clearly in mind, that this is going to be a quiet weekend of calm inner work. Become a monk for the next few days. Not avoidant of life, but as a monk who knows how to practice inner calm, no matter what rages around him. Become as Buddha under the tree of infiltration and temptation, and do not attach to that which approaches.

Thirdly, your firm knowing, your pre-testing already done, and your alertness now, are your main guides. Keep them ready. Keep foremost in your mind that, “Oh, okay, this is a test. I already know what to do. I can pass this test by remaining calmly placed in my own inner knowing. Anything, and everything, I encounter over the next few days is a great big test.” So, decide that you are well prepared. Question everything, and decide that it is part of your test, even if it seems insignificant and minor, so is it going to be part of your test.

What is your test presenting to you? And how are you handling it? Don’t get caught in the testing of others. That should not be your focus. Your focus is to remain steadily calm, no matter what comes at you. Plant a picture of Buddha in your mind, and bring it up at every moment of testing, to remind you to go calm, be steady, and sit in inner contemplation. If you don’t have a concept of Buddha, there are plenty of other visualizations to give yourself, even an animal pictorial, or a great spiritual leader, a calm and gentle soul, may be your anchor. But find now, ahead of the great testing period, a mental picture to use as your guide. This is your fourth rule of preparation.

And the fifth is to trust. Trust your knowing. Trust your abilities. Trust your inner you. You have trained well for this time of turmoil. Let’s see how you do. And remember, also, that there is no true failure. Even if you do not pass this exam, so have you learned much about yourself, about how energy works, and about the nature of synchronicity and the universe, how all things affect all other things. Do not be afraid of this time of turmoil. It is actually a very progressive and amazingly growth-oriented energy that now sweeps in to your energetic field. As you turn your back, turn away, and go deeper into your calm inner knowing, so will you gain and grow exponentially, no matter what the final outcome is. There is no real failure of this test. All will grow, though I continue to warn, and warn, and warn. That is the message to keep in mind. You are being tested, have no doubt about it!

#154 You Are Being Tested

Dear Jeanne,
Any guidance today?

There is a slim chance that you will miss an opportunity for growth and progression if your awareness is dull or covered. Do not hide now during this time of shift and potential change. Awareness is key. Use it to maintain your calm and your balance, but use it also to sniff out your proper path. Any deviation from your focused, forward growth will sidetrack you, though if you are alert, and hop back on track, your way will become clearer. If you remain off-guard, and off the well-chosen path, may there be subsequent difficulties in returning to your focused direction.

I do not say this to alarm you, but only to incite vigorous alertness. Keep your nose sniffing out the proper direction for your inner spirit to take as a time of vagueness approaches, while at the same time a great shift is underway. This is now a time to remember why you are doing such intense self-work, and why you are seeking new life. If your path is the right one for you to be on, then will your trained focus reassert itself quickly. But, if your difficulty has been in choosing the proper path, then may your nose have difficulty staying on the right path, as both void and tremendous energetic shift collide and dispel any clarity you may have perceived, and instead throw you into doubt and oblivion.

These devastations can be avoided, sidestepped, by hunkering down now into inner focus, turning eyes, and sight, away from the confusion that swirls around you, and remaining with nose to the ground. With your nose to the ground, sniffing for clarity of direction, and your eyes turned inward, may you meet your resonance, and be well on your way, as you turn away from outside energy, influence, and the distractions of confusion and fog that now approach.

A slim chance exists for such entrapment if you don’t stay innerly focused, and this is what I suggest all do, for the next four or five days, as a time of turmoil and shift arrives to test your progress. If you keep in mind that you are being tested, at all times staying focused on your goal, seeking completion of this rough and grueling test, will your success be assured. If you think you will breeze right through the test, don’t be so sure. Just because I say there is a slim chance of distraction, does not mean that the energy will hold itself back from even a tiny crack in the structure of your defense. No big egos allowed!

Everyone will be tested over the next few days. It is the energetic shift now taking place that determines this, and not you. So, get ready. Stay focused, nose to the ground, and remain innerly turned, so that you arrive at the other end of this time of turmoil with barely a scrape or dirt upon your knees, but, instead, more firmly embedded in knowing that you are on the right path, and that you have succeeded in passing a test, that at first glance looked easy, well-known data, but, afterwards, you will realize that it was one hell of an exam!

Chuck Ketchel, LCSWR