Soulbyte for Sunday November 16, 2014

It is the intention of all beings who proceed to life on Earth to have experiences, to give and receive energy, to make some impact, whether brief and simple or long and deep. By impact this might mean to travel lightly through life with energetic joy and activity that is contained or confined to a set area. Or it might mean to barrel through life making deep grooves of creative impact, leaving behind great possibilities for continued potential. Or it might mean any type of life in between these two extremes.

The main and most important aspect of any life, however, is to learn that you are in charge, that each individual must grow up, become an independent adult and discover who they are as they step out into the world and become their own person. To do this involves many phases of evolution and change, a constant process of invention and reinvention until each person achieves their goal. Many people do this in each lifetime they live, others find that many lifetimes must be lived to create one perfect result. Perfection is not the goal, experience is.

Creating a new self each day is the work of the journey. In some way strive for this and you will satisfy the intent of your soul’s imperative.

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