Soulbyte for Monday November 17, 2014

In the interest of self preservation notice how you react to the outer world. Notice your emotions and feelings. Are they justified? Can you let them go without attachment, resentment, anger, or feeling that you are owed something? Why are you owed anything when you are in the perfect life for you and the journey you must take?

All beings upon that earth have landed in the perfect life, a life that was set long before birth, a life that was laid out with every detail of its circumstances prescribed, with the right experiences and the right traveling companions aligned and ready.

Life is all about advancement. If you accept your life as perfect for your advancement then you have also accepted your role in it. Indeed, your role is the lead role. It’s all about you, but no one owes you anything; life does not owe you anything. You owe it to yourself to accept this and take over now. You are your own best traveling companion. Be an excellent one. It’s time to burn through the illusions and nurture your full potential to life.

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