Soulbyte for Saturday November 15, 2014

What you yearn for is always within reach but to grasp it, receive it, claim it, you must take action on your own behalf. To sit and wait does not result in rewards. Proper steps must be taken to insure success. Yes, signs may come, but they will be meaningless if personal energy is not focused and set in motion. One must consciously and patiently work toward goals, taking mature and thoughtful steps toward meeting that which one yearns for.

With clarity of mind, with intent set, and purpose fully explored, determined to be meaningful and truly of the heart, one is prepared to proceed on a journey of fulfilling one’s desires. Only then is one ready to take action on one’s own behalf and only then will the signs be correctly interpreted for what they truly are and what they truly mean.

To discern the difference between a fancy and a true desire of the heart one must be fully present in mind, body and spirit. To know what is right and what one is ready for is to know the truth of one’s own heart, to listen with openness to the bottom line and pay attention to it. If the heart says yes, then the time is right to proceed. If the message from the bottom of the heart does not match the message spinning through the mind then no action is the best decision. Remember: Heart over mind.

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