Soulbyte for Tuesday November 18, 2014

Luxuriate in the good feelings you have worked so hard to attain. Allow the self to have them, to use them in your inner world and your outer world. Allow them to become part of the new framework of your existence. It’s okay to feel good.

As you work so hard to change, you must begin to make allowances, not in a negative or passive sense, but in acceptance and utilization, acting upon and acknowledging how much you have changed, becoming more of the new you graciously and without judgment.

As you create a new self and a new reality your decisions to fully embrace this newness will be your prerogative, but remember that to act upon what you learn is crucial if you are to feel good and advance, if you are to fully be who you have the potential to be. Remember also: the possibilities for newness and change are as endless as your imagination!

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