Chuck’s Place: The New Dream Has Begun

“The dream is over
What can I say?”

The premise of the movie Interstellar, a wonderful and deeply meaningful movie on so many levels, is that the dream of Earth, as we have known it, is over.

This is no longer an issue for debate. Every human lives with the deep knowing that things are rapidly changing and devolving. If we can lift our eyes from our digital trance, the world reveals to us daily, rapid, unprecedented changes. This rate of accelerating change is paired with our insatiable hunger for new news. Even as we sleep our iPhones stay alert to change.

All the psychic messages that I’ve reviewed, including many from Jeanne, state clearly that planet Earth will continue to exist, though much changed, even taking a new orbital pattern.

This cannot be avoided now. It’s not a question of fate; it’s the inevitable outcome of humankind’s leadership and where it has led the planet.

Humankind is not a wise mother or father, but then, consciousness as the guiding factor is still in its infancy. The true parents of our earthly selves, nature itself, must step in to correct our blunders. Our lessons in stewardship will eventually accrue to an evolved consciousness where humankind can step up to the vision and responsibility of caring for the interconnected whole of this planet. Until then we are at nature’s mercy.

On an individual level, we are all challenged now to contribute to this evolving consciousness. If we are alive, in human form at this time, this is our overarching challenge, the imperative of our times. And although environmental decisions remain critical they no longer need be the main or only focus. Nature has already put in motion its own correctives, most of which cannot be stopped; we’ve already gone too far.

Our focus now needs to be the evolution of our consciousness with respect to the microcosm of our individual lives. We must face that all the forces we see acted out upon the world stage are present in the smallness of our daily lives. In fact, all those forces operate within each of us, pacifists and terrorists, activists and deniers, soothsayers and instigators alike; we are the world.

What is the truth I fail to see, refuse to see, allow to continue to control and dominate my personality, to the detriment of the interdependent whole of myself? This is where the buck stops, within each of us. Can we face and honestly answer this question? Can we take full responsibility for reconciling the powerful factions that operate within our own personalities?

This is our playing field now. Rather than in the escaping to new planets as in Interstellar, this is the one venue where we do have the ability to come into balance and reconcile with the truths of our own natures.

Every individual who takes up this challenge personally positions our species to assume real leadership as we reinvent the dream of humankind, driven forward now by nature itself. If we stay and change with nature, consciously accepting her prerogatives and the prerogatives of our own inner natures, we position ourselves to evolve with her.

As within, so without. Counter powerlessness with personal responsibility and feel the freedom and opportunity to fulfill the self in this life, simultaneously advancing all of human consciousness to responsibly take the dream forward, into new life and new possibilities, albeit in a vastly changed world.

Consciously dreaming it forward,

* John Lennon quote from the song God on the album John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band 1970

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