Soulbyte for Wednesday November 19, 2014

Is there magic in reality? If one decides to live a life of magic one will be approached by the magic in life, by the playing of opposites against each other, by the alchemy of life in constant flux and change. There is magic within the physical self as there is constant change and growth, as cells shift, grow and slough off, as blood pulses, heart beats, and muscles move. Is not this magic?

To assume the magical is to be open and ready to receive the magical. To assume the magical is to take on life with vigor and readiness for all that arrives to lead one forward. To assume the magical is to go beyond the limitations and constraints of one’s present life and be open to the freedoms and possibilities of a life of fluidity.

To fully embrace the magical, resolution of all that restricts one must first be addressed. In so doing one will little by little begin to really experience what it means to live a magical life in a magical world where your fortune is in alignment with the turning of the wheels of your own process.

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