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Chuck’s Place: No Worry

Let go into the expansive energy of no worry…
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

My observation, over many years, is that each day brings its own wave of energy that manifests and reflects at different levels of intensity in all beings. In my therapy practice, the theme of my first encounter of the day is very often the theme presented by many clients that day. Even the words used to describe experiences similarly resonate throughout the day.

Personally, I notice that my encounters in dreaming from the prior night, as well as the books I open to in the morning, or Jan’s hot off the press channeling, already announce the contours of that energy wave as it splashes upon the doorstep of oncoming time. Worry issues forth from anticipation and manifests in concerned projections upon possible outcomes of the impact of that wave.

The fact is that that daily energetic wave will run through all of us. The fact is that somewhere in the world that wave may crest in a fatality today. This will be a major transitional moment for someone. We all have that ultimate appointment with death, but we needn’t treat all moments of life in human form with the adrenaline rush of Russian roulette.

Yes, when a person leaves my home, setting off on a long drive, anything might happen beyond the security of the departing moment. My intent is always that all will be safe. My experience teaches me that if something could or should be known it will reveal itself, inwardly or outwardly, in direct terms. If nothing is directly revealed, all will either flow smoothly or it will be someone’s destiny to encounter a rougher wave. Worry, however futile, offers to step in, to somehow fill the void of unknowing, to somehow protect.

Worry presents as the great conjurer of many a possible story. Worry scoops up the lion’s share of our energy, which it then formats into a speculative reality that our bodies are then forced to live, biochemically, as the playing field for its virtual fantasy. We experience this as stress, anxiety, fear, and dread. Our muscles clench, our breathing becomes shallow and infrequent. Our eyes become dazed and glazed, as they turn inward to view some variation of the conjurer’s horror show.

Perhaps hours later, the text arrives: “We are home safe”. Now we can relax, all is well. But what if instead we send them off with loving safe intent and refuse the conjurer’s call to worry? This is the beginning of a shamanic journey.

Without worry, we are ushered into a vast emptiness, filled with cascades of available energy. The psychic structures that worry generates, which typically populate every nook and cranny of life, suddenly evaporate, and we are delivered to the void, where all of those usual conjurings of the worrying mind slip away.

Do I look OK? Did I eat the right thing? Is my weight noticeable? Is it my fault? Is he angry at me? Did I look foolish? Is she OK? Will I meet the right person? Are they angry with me? Is everyone safe? Is it going to work out for them? Should I have done more? What if something happens? Am I good enough? Am I too old? Am I losing it? Did I make a mistake? What if I lose my job? Did I turn off the stove? Will I ever be good enough? …………..?…………..?…………….?…………..?

In the vast emptiness of no worry we enter inner silence. Tension in the body releases as the breath expands. We experience deepening relaxation, perhaps for the first time, at a level so free we may fear its expansiveness. Worry immediately offers its services once again, to create tense boundaries around ourselves. Refuse that call! Stay with the mantra: no worry.

Retrieve and bathe in the boundless energy previously expended on the stories and structures of worry. Make that energy available for new possibilities of life and fulfillment. Protect that energy with a no worry wall that encases your being. I am a being of no worry.

Make no worry a succinct command from consciousness to the subconscious, that part of the soul that automatically controls our attitudes and habits. State it often, as a firm clear intent: Don’t worry. Know that the instruction is heard and that the repetition of it will result in its manifestation. Do not attach to when, nor be discouraged. Simply persevere in stating the intent.

No worry,


A Day in a Life: Dream Guides

During recapitulation, dreams may act as guides taking us deeper into our inner world, revealing repressed memory, stimulating senses, signifying where we need to go next. While undergoing my own recapitulation—a magical pass used by the Seers of Ancient Mexico to reclaim lost energy—I encountered lost parts of myself in my dreams. They had been sitting and waiting for me for years, to return and bring them into life. By coming forth to engage me in dreams those parts got my attention, often in striking ways. But it wasn’t until I was ready to fully accept that I was on a journey of significance, as we all are, that I woke up to what those dreams were trying to tell me.

Dreams allow us to explore our inner world without the overriding dominance of the mind and the judging personality, without the ego sticking its nose into an experience that may be transformative. Pay attention to your dreams, they may hold more than you think.

I once dreamed a situation that was, in fact, laying out my entire recapitulation process, showing me very clearly what was at the core of my discontent, laying out the future as well. In that dream, I encountered an aggressive figure that I recognized as being long dominant in my life. I lost all of my identification and wandered through unknown territory until I finally reached a place of peace. In fact, that was what happened to me as I began the journey of recapitulation within a short time after that. Portending my future, that dream opened the door to deeper exploration of who I was. In fact, “Why am I the way I am?” was the question I continually asked myself. I couldn’t fully answer it until I fully recapitulated.

The door to dreaming...facing fear

During recapitulation we do lose our identity, as my dream suggested. We shed all that we carry, things that we take on in our efforts to grow, as we struggle to be in the world, as well as burdens placed on us by others. We find ourselves continually freeing ourselves from old ideas and perceptions of ourselves and the world we live in, as we recapitulate. As we take the journey into the deeper self, we discover a new self. We are offered the opportunity to work our way into filling this new self with new ideas, thoughts, and perceptions. We are offered the possibility of fully taking on this new identity, one that is truly us. This may be a dream identity that we never imagined we could fully own. This may be a spiritual self we had distanced ourselves from. This may be an absolutely strange and amazing self, a magical self. We all have the opportunity to transform.

In wandering the strange lands of our dreamworld, with awareness, we’re offered access to our greatest potential. If we can dare ourselves to take a dream journey, facing our greatest fears in both our dreams and in real life, we offer ourselves the opportunity to totally transform. Some of those amazing dream worlds we’ve encountered while asleep are actually available to us in our everyday world as well. In taking hold of our dreams as significant participants in our journeys throughout life, we find the dreams themselves to be our most remarkable companions. Our dreams may be where our fullest potential is accessed, where our deepest issues are revealed, and where our past, current, and future challenges and potential lie.

In experiencing our dreams as our innermost caring and supportive guides, we may more quickly wake up to our true journeys. What path is your dream pointing out to you? Who visited you last night to show you where to go next, what to do, and how to go about it? I find great meaning and pertinent information in my dreams. Indeed, by paying attention to them I gave myself the opportunity to change. And don’t forget, our dreams may approach us while we are awake or asleep.

The importance of the recapitulation process reveals itself every day, in the work Chuck and I do, in the communications we receive, and in our own lives. We personally use the practice of recapitulation constantly, in pursuit of our greatest potential; always more to learn, to explore, and access. Our journeys are endless, our spirits constantly nudging us to keep going. In fact, anything that appears in our lives may actually be trying to alert us to something special and important about ourselves and our true direction in life.

There are indeed many ways to transform, and indeed recapitulation is really a natural process that we all engage in all the time: in remembering, in experiences, in thoughts, in illnesses, in repetitive habits and behaviors, in our choices and decisions, in the kinds of things we elect to avoid or pursue and yes, in our dreams. Do we dare to call life itself “recapitulation?” Do we dare to fully embrace our spirit’s call and give it a structure with a name? Are we really so daring as to go all the way to transformation? That is what we are challenged with really. Our spirits ask us every day: “Are you coming with me? Are you ready today?

In a few weeks, I intend to have the first volume of my book The Recapitulation Diaries available on Amazon as a Kindle e-book. One does not need to have a Kindle device in order to download e-books. Free apps and tools are available for all kinds of devices including phones, computers, and ipads. We’ll have all of that info available when the time comes. We’ve decided that we won’t be publishing a paperback copy at this time as I intend to immediately jump into working on the second volume. That being said, my greatest hope is that my book will aid others, showing what it means to recapitulate in the context of everyday life, offering the tools to undergo a shamanic practice in full awareness.

Dream on. And remain aware: dreams are just waiting to be fulfilled. What dream do you have that is knocking at the door? May you find your way to it, in whatever way works. Recapitulation is only one way, I know that, but I can only say that for me, it is the only way. Nothing else works. I always knew there were other worlds available to me. I just didn’t know how to get into them. Recapitulation, as a tool to transforming myself and the world I choose to live in, offers me total access.

Much love,