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Soulbyte for Tuesday April 2, 2019

Don’t let worry eat your energy or overtake your mind. Worry creates more worry and thus a whole cascade of symptoms manifest due to worry. And what is worry but a thought, a conjured idea, an aberration, an irritation, a thing best left untouched. For indeed, worry can poison, infect, and infest. When worry comes knocking, refuse it like the plague! If your mind needs something to think about give it something soothing and positive, give it nice stories and pleasant dreams, give it something good to mull over. As soon as you smell worry in the air, tell it to go away, and breathe in the soft calming air of positivity, good health, and sweet loving kindness. You can do nothing better for yourself. Refuse your worrisome mind with some good wholesome fun and good natured play. And remember, if worries are nothing more than conjured ideas, then there really is nothing to worry about! Worry less, have more energy.

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Soulbyte for Friday December 28, 2018

You are all magical beings, imbued with magical powers. Use your magic to conjure beauty. Use your magic to amass love and be loving. Use your magic to spread the energy of kindness and compassion wherever you roam. Use your magic wisely, quietly, and always for the greater good. Use your magic to change yourself. Become an agent of change, within and without. It’s all about how you choose to use your energy—that’s your magic!

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne