Chuck’s Place: Accepting The Truth

The truth will set you free…
-Artwork © 2024 Jan Ketchel

The greatest challenge of all, in this life of physical form and beyond, is accepting the truth. For one thing, truth is relative.

In childhood we believe we are responsible for everything. Mature adulthood allows us to accept the separate existence of others, including their contributions toward our difficulties.

Wisdom, the next level of truth, takes us full circle. Reflecting objectively upon life, from the  pinnacle of spiritual acuity, we see ourselves in everyone. From this perspective our oneness is restored.

Our evolutionary journey requires that we traverse successfully these developmental stages of truth.

The Buddhists suggest that we reincarnate into bardos, into dreams of our own construction, until we are at peace with the full truth of the lives we have lived, which then enables us to be open to life beyond them. This is the true achievement of detachment—the freedom to move into new life, fully resolved from dilemmas of previous lives lived.

Frequently, loyalty to unresolved issues results in counter-suggestions to the subconscious mind around changes we intend to make in our lives. For example, if one fundamentally maintains the belief that they are unworthy, a suggestion for prosperity may be cancelled by this blocking belief of unworthiness.

In this case, the subconscious may generate incidents to reinforce one’s loyalty to the felt undeservedness. Detaching from this belief will require recapitulation of formative experiences that reinforced this belief. This may expose distortions that were formerly needed to protect a significant other, or a part of the self.

This recapitulation may also lift the veil of narcissism shrouding the belief that dates to the primary narcissism period of childhood. From this view, one is able to assign responsibility for events where they should be truthfully assigned, unseating younger interpretations of reality. From this perspective one is able to accept the fuller truth of self and other.

Ultimately, one might reach a perspective that once again assigns one full responsibility for the life one is in. This might include realizing one’s decision to enter life in the time period, and family constellation, one was born into, as one’s contribution toward one’s greater soul’s journey of infinite growth and awareness.

This does not absolve a perpetrator from responsibility for their behavior. However, it might explain the choice of a victim-experience as part of one’s spiritual growth.

Accepting the truth also requires that we face the ulterior motives within the self. From a holographic perspective we are comprised of the same everything as everyone else. If we attempt to solve the polarities that live within the self via projection onto others, we lose the thread of our fuller inner truth.

Fuller acceptance of our shadow self, with all of its desires, manipulations, cruelty and greed, allows us to be in full truth with ourselves. Acceptance requires that we live our wholeness as responsibly as possible.

Every day we are offered countless opportunities to be in truth with ourselves. We just need think about the world and our relationship with others; what truths are we being asked to face each day, in each moment, as we live out our lives.

From a place of higher truth, we are quite likely to manifest the kinds of experiences that will bring us fulfillment, as we eliminate negative counter-suggestions from an unknown shadow self. And then we can fully own our whole, integrated and wise self.

Be in truth. The truth will set you free.


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