Soulbyte for Thursday August 6, 2020

Stand your ground. Find your firmness within and without, and with patience stand in your knowing of what is right for all. The time has come when there is no return to what once was, for it was not conducive to peace and harmony. There is only time to take things to a new level, to dream a new dream of equality, sharing, respect and mutual responsibility for that new dream. Not just a dream but a dream reality is needed, that which is right, doable, and sustainable, a dream based on loving kindness and compassion as its basic tenets and foundation. Time to really change things up for the good of all. Begin within, square with the truth of what’s truly right there, and then work without, for each person must make the change within themselves in order for a new dream of real change to take place. As within, so without.

Sending you love,
The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

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