Soulbyte for Friday July 3, 2020

Do not become infected by the psychology of others. Stand always in your own centeredness and learn to listen to your own heart, the connecting link to spirit, to your own Soul, and to all other High Souls. Readjust to your heart center whenever you are drawn into dispute, whether within yourself or out in the world, and wait patiently for your own heart’s steady vibration to calm you and lead you into inner peace, inner knowing, and inner stability. Only then is it right to take action, heart centered action, though even then no action may actually be the right action, for sometimes the only action needed is to sit calmly in that heart centered loving vibration and let it do the work it is made to do: to love unconditionally. Sometimes that is enough.

Sending you all love,

The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

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