Soulbyte for Thursday May 28, 2020

Everything is possible, the good, the bad, and the seemingly impossible. Adopt an attitude of openness and wonder, dropping old ideas that restrict and bind. A warrior knows that the first step in changing the world is to change the self. Begin by changing what you tell yourself. A simple positive approach, rather than the usual negative approach will do wonders. A sensitive look at who you have become, largely because of all the things you tell yourself, will help you see how you have developed into the being you are today. Be honest, be direct, and be lovingly truthful with yourself. Strain the negative speak, the negative thoughts, the negative intentions from your life, and begin anew with fresh ideas, positive words of wisdom, new truths that invite the impossible everything into your life. Begin with that!

Sending you love and support,

The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

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