Soulbyte for Thursday August 1, 2019

Accessing the spiritual self and staying connected to it is far easier than you think. Once found it is not forgotten and can be found again, even after long absences. It’s the physical self that presents problems. It’s the physical self that needs work and constant attention. It’s the physical self that must work so hard to change. It’s the physical self that requires focus and careful prodding every day if change is to occur. Complacency comes easily, as does reaching for the familiar comforts, the habits of a lifetime. Breaking with the ingrained traditions of the physical self takes the strength and courage of a mighty warrior. Have no doubt that you are such a warrior. Call upon your mighty warrior self as you take your journey of change, as you slay the old habits, and as you forge a new path. You are certainly capable, and the goal is certainly worth the effort—the evolution of a new you! Don’t stop now!

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

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