Soulbyte for Wednesday July 24, 2019

With loving kindness for yourself, maintain a personal balance that is right for you. Strive to know yourself fully, to be yourself fully, in body and spirit, at home within yourself and within the world around you. Gain mastery over the conjuring mind that seeks to keep you a slave to its machinations. Free yourself of its busybody thoughts and its defeatist ideas and become the strong and solitary being that you truly are, independent, responsible, and mature, with thoughts and ideas that suit a balanced you and a progressive and positive attitude. In your own state of balance, know who you are and the purpose of your journey, to grow and evolve as only you can. Give yourself the gift of loving kindness and find fulfillment in your own balance, within and without. For if you are in balance then everything around you will be in balance too. And then you will be ready for anything!

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

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