Soulbyte for Thursday July 25, 2019

Find your way back each day to the true you, to the one who knows you so well, all your faults and all your goodnesses, all your fears and all your dreams. This real you begs to not be forgotten but only to be included in your life. It does not judge you but wishes only the best for you. This real you loves you the way you are, like a mother loves a newborn child, and yet it knows your fuller potential. It asks you to grow a little bit more each day, to show it what you are truly made of, and to prove to it what it already knows about you, that you are capable of anything, especially of including it in your life, the true you, your first Soulmate, who loves you unconditionally and needs you as much as you need it. Together you make a great pair!

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

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