Soulbyte for Thursday April 25, 2019

Gather your energy and keep it safe from outside influences so that it is fully available to you for your long journey of change and evolution. Even though you do not necessarily know the end result nor the final outcome of your journey through life, you can intend certain things in order to guard and protect your energy, which is your most important commodity. Like a well of clean water, keep it contained. Like the air you breathe, keep it pure. Like the ebb and flow of the oceans, give it the time it needs for appropriate giving and receiving. Like the sun, give it time for revitalization and renewal. Like the moon, give it time to retreat and rest undisturbed. It is how you are perceived, in all worlds. So hone your energy, and let it shine so that you will be recognized no matter where you are, and so that all who seek to help, guide, and protect you may always find you. But most of all, keep it safe for your own use. You will know how you are doing by how you feel. Your energy is the most natural thing about you. Personally and spiritually, it is uniquely you. How’s your energy today?

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

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