Soulbyte for Thursday July 13, 2017

Find your way to inner peace and calm no matter what is going on outside of you. It’s the only way to stay stable and sane. It’s not selfish but necessary in times of turmoil. And yet, do not be so inward turned as to miss the important things in life, especially the call to make changes that are beneficial, to move on when necessary, and to grow beyond where you are now. For even in inward turning, changes are expected if the inner process is to have impact. Otherwise it’s just another cover for not doing what needs to be done, for not facing what must be faced, and that will benefit no one. The charge of life is always to grow and change. It’s what the world is doing all the time, especially in times of turmoil, pushing for change. Let the self be still but never asleep. Let the self be calm but never inert. Let the self be inward turned but stay alert and aware, and never stop growing. For growth is the creative urge in all of life and that’s exactly what’s called for now!

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

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